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Work Experience & Volunteering

On this page you will be able to find any information on current work experience placements. If you would like to discuss any of the information on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


Within Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is The National Parrot Sanctuary, a dedicated charity for the rescue and rehoming of animals and birds. So we rely heavily on donations, and voluntary work provides an amazing experience for you as an individual to help our charity keep going efficiently. Volunteering is a perfect way for young people to get involved into a practical working environment, further their knowledge and gain valuable experience for their C.V’s. It is also a wonderful opportunity for more mature individuals who would like a hobby, change of career or have a keen interest in Parrots and animals.

We also offer volunteering for people who have an interest in landscape gardening to help with our grounds-keeping or construction if you would like to join our maintenance team with building work.

What do we look for?

A hard working individual, preferably with previous experience but this is not necessary. You will be working mainly with Parrots, and therefore if you have any fear of birds or will not enter aviaries, then you should not apply for volunteering. You will need to be conscientious, have good time-keeping and social skills to be able to interact with our staff members. We can be very busy and jobs can be physically demanding, so you will need to be fit and healthy with a positive attitude towards work and able to work weekends & bank holidays.

What your experience will involve:

General maintenance of the park including cleaning, feeding, food preparation & general day-to-day park checks; with the opportunity for some gardening or animal interaction. You will mainly be dealing with Parrots, so confidence or experience around flying birds is preferable as you will need to enter flight aviaries daily.

Please email us here to apply for Volunteering at the park.


Lincolnshire Wildlife Park offers long-term internships to students who are currently studying in a University animal-related course. Internships are a great way to evolve in your work ethic and form relationships with the animals and birds you work with, reflecting that of a permanent career with animals. Internships are also most beneficial to students to be able to have the time to study and cover all species at the park; with over 100 species of Parrot and Parakeet, as well as many species of wild and endangered animals to care for. Thus broadening knowledge and adaptivity to many situations that cannot be covered during a short-term placement.

What do we look for?

Passion is key… working with animals and birds can be very challenging and physically demanding, so a passion for your work is very important when fulfilling a long-term commitment. Within the park is The Parrot Zoo Trust, for the care of all Psittacine species; therefore students must be confident when working with birds. Although we are able to adapt your schedule to help cover the species you are most interested in studying, your day-to-day work will be similar to all zoo keepers. This means that you will be encouraged and expected to work in all areas of zoo keeping, including cleaning as a large part of your day.

What your experience will involve:

Practical, realistic and varied work with all species of birds and animals, to gain hands-on experience in the field of animal care. Internships can be tailored to help meet targets and research needs; all research projects must be agreed to and approved by the University of Lincoln. Interns will have access to areas of all animals care including assisting in our hospital, quarantine, hatchery and kitchen, as well as working directly with the animals and birds.

Please email us here to apply for an internship at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.