Sad Day as Hearts the Hyacinth Dies

Its never easy when you suffer a death at any place, but when its one of the special ones and it more than that, it could have been unavoidable, it makes the occurrence that little bit harder to cope with. ‘Hearts’ our Hyacinth was only very young and was just ready to experience the best that life could give 🙁 and the fact that Hearts had only been with us for 6 months really does make it even worse. Although the keeper that saw her alive last said she looked full of life and was so shocked, she just couldn’t get to grips, that just an hour later we would find the poor thing slumped over, lifeless. We tried everything in our power but it was not meant to be, now the zoo will feel a little empty for the next few days as we try to get over the poor blighter.


We don’t want to upset you but you need to know just how water can be dangerous, you can however see Hearts by clicking HERE.