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Residents – Who’s Next?

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is ever-changing and we always like to provide you with something new and interesting when you visit us!

Get a first glimpse of what might be coming next…

Nigel the Puma …

You’ve probably already met our beautiful Puma Nigel; if not, get yourself down to Lincolnshire wildlife Park to view him in his new enclosure.

The lad with the most exotic name has retired to the park from ‘Amazing Animals’ in Oxford where he was identified as having a serious eye defect. Nigel had to step down from the limelight and could no longer work in the media due to his vision problem. We were approached by the park to see whether we would have the space to be able to give him a permanent home for the remainder of his life… obviously we could not refuse him!

, Residents – Who’s Next?

Nigel has began his journey with us at our Animal Holding Enclosure, which had been specially designed with him in mind. The Animal Holding Enclosure was a perfect starting place for Nigel as the enclosure is not too desolate or open, and has plenty of different levels to mimic his natural habitat on rocky American landscape. This gave him chance to get a feel of his new surroundings, with plenty of space; but still with a private indoor area for when he’s feeling vulnerable or needs peaceful rest. For more information on his species, take a look at our ‘Mammals‘ section.

Unfortunately due to Nigel’s eye condition, he has had a few near-misses around the pool in A.H.E. Therefore the charity have had to make the difficult decision to take him temporarily off-show until his permanent sensory enclosure was completed. Thankfully, after many hurdles and set-backs, including COVID-19, he is in his new enclosure and back on-show for you to enjoy! However, please be aware that due to his Arthritis and eye-sight, he is having specialist treatment from the vets to help him. To find out more or even help towards this, please visit our JustGiving page.

Check back soon to find out if there will be anyone new arriving!