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A busy day on the cards tomorrow as we welcome over 40 Masters students, studying everything from Veterinary science to Cognitive behaviour.

Our research centre is set to grow even more in the coming twelve months as we take on more programmes working with our increasing number of both parrots and mammals, already completing 3 papers (all published) we look forward to increasing this number as more and more academics get involved with the centre.

Animal Update:

out of the many 100s of animals and birds we only have to current problems, one in the hospital, which is a poor little Senegal who has a mouth injury, the other is one of our reindeer’s, she has caught her eye, (poor design giving them antlers and no protective eye glasses)she has been caught twice and had a long-lasting eye ointment which contains antibiotics.
Talking about reindeer’s, we cannot believe just how their colours have altered, two of them are almost white and look truly amazing.

All the rest of the guys are doing very well and getting ready for another winter.

We are in the final throes of the new enclosure and have today completed the fibreglassing on the housing roof, it still needs a gel coat but that will mean its fully water tight, but saying that, in-between coats today we also got all the inside under coated and the steel guys arrive later this week.

Bookings for Christmas dinner are rolling in and slowly filling up so if you’re interested, get your booking telephoned in so as to guarantee your table.