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Big Cats

Tigers – Panthera tigris tigris

Discover the majestic Bengal tigers, arguably the customer favourite of our big cats, at our premier animal attraction and top family day out destination! Our sanctuary boasts one of the best tiger enclosures in the country, offering visitors a unique opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close. Perfect for a family day out, we provide a range of activities and exhibits designed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages. Wander through our beautifully maintained grounds and experience a variety of other fascinating animals along the way. 

Our commitment to conservation and animal welfare ensures that every visit helps support vital efforts to protect endangered species like the Bengal tiger. Join us for an unforgettable adventure and see why our sanctuary is a beloved Lincolnshire attraction. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and educational day out, Lincolnshire wildlife park offers something special for everyone.

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DOB 28-6-2013

Markings: Has a tiger mane, very fluffy face. 

Character: Skah is fierce & can be stubborn, but loves all the other tigers, especially Sajhiba. 

Enjoys having a treat when taking part in big cat feeding experiences. 

Favourite enrichment: Meaty ice lollies. 

Favourite food: Everything. 

Dislikes: Not being the 1st tiger out!

Average weight: 170-180kg

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 DOB – 2-4-2008 

Oldest tiger at the park. 

Mother to Baseera, Sajhiba & Lajuka. 

Markings: Freckled face. 

Character: Dehra is very excitable and runs everywhere. Loves doing big cat experiences and the attention. Very vocal. Likes scent marking people! 

Favourite enrichment: scented logs. 

Favourite food: pork, beef, chicken breast. 

Dislikes: Liver.

Average weight: 120-130kg. 

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DOB 20-10-2014

Son of Dehra, brother of Sajhiba & Lajuka. 

Markings: Thick dark eyebrows. 

Character: Baseera can be perceived as laid back and lazy. But he does like to play with the enrichment and loves to chase. 

Favourite enrichment: Large rubber ball & hessian bag full of smelly straw. 

Favourite food: Everything! 

Dislikes: liver.

Average weight: 185-195 kg. 

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DOB – 20-10-2014

Daughter of Dehra, sister of Baseera & Lajuka. 

Markings: Has a very fluffy face with matts of hair on one side. Short and stocky in body. 

Character: Sajhiba is very playful and loves the attention when we have big cat experiences. 

Favourite enrichment: She loves different scented perfumes. 

Favourite Food: Everything! 

Dislikes: liver.

Average weight: 123kg

Tiger Tours

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Tiger  Experiences
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Adopt a Tiger

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Big Cats Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

White Lions – Panthera leon

Experience the wonder of our rare and majestic white lions, one of the most popular attractions at our animal sanctuary. These stunning creatures, distinguished by their unique white coats or slightly yellow for our duo, due to a rare recessive gene, their sheer size and impressive sounds offers an unforgettable encounter. Unlike common misconceptions, white lions are not albino but are a rare genetic variation, making them incredibly special.

Since 1998 we have been committed to creating a nurturing environment for our beautiful animals aiding them with the perfect retirement venue.

 See why our sanctuary is one of Lincolnshire’s top attractions. Plan your day of discovery and help us make a difference in exotic wildlife preservation.

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DOB 6-9-2009

Markings: Complete mane of hair on head. Slightly larger than his brother. 

Character: Lazy, Fierce & Protective of his brother. although he appears very grumpy with his loud growls towards the staff, but he’s simply shouting for attention, once he gets that up-close and personal attention, he turns into a normal everyday 220kg house cat.

Favourite enrichment: Cardboard box with food inside! 

Favourite meat: Pork

Dislikes: Chicken, certain cuts of beef. 

Average weight: 280kg 

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DOB 6-9-2009

Markings: Leaner in body than his brother. 

Mane of hair not as full as Pascha’s. 

Character: Lazy, Vocal & independent. Uganda is the dominant brother so has to look like he’s keeping his distance from humans while protecting his home, however when Pascha isn’t looking he loves to get a crafty scratch from the keepers.

Favourite enrichment: Tyres and whatever his brother is playing with.

Favourite meat: Chicken & Pork. 

Dislikes: None. 

Average weight: 220-250 kg 

Puma – Puma concolor

Encounter the awe-inspiring puma named Nigel, also known as mountain lions. These impressive creatures are known for their agility and strength.

Pumas are one of the largest wild cats in the Americas and can leap up to 40 feet in a single bound.

Our sanctuary is devoted to creating a safe and enriching environment for all of our big cats, while educating the public about the importance of sanctuaries. As you explore our beautiful grounds, you’ll encounter a variety of other fascinating species, each cared for with exceptional dedication to their well-being.

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Meet Nigel

DOB 4-4-2012

Nigel is a wonderful natured cat and although he has a special relationship with Steve (our CEO) he also loves receiving attention from all of the staff that work with him.

This Puma famously featured on documentaries and wildlife TV programmes for many years before being rehomed to LWP with an eye condition that could eventually render him completely blind.

Usually, euthanasia would be the first port of call in other parks for a condition like this, but we could not see that happen! Therefore, Steve and our team set to work to design a custom built enclosure for big cats like Nigel, that need a sensory environment.

After some incredible support from volunteers and social media followers, of which the park now has, almost £100,000, funds were raised to begin work on this special enclosure.

In 2022 he developed arthritis in his left shoulder, Nigel’s arthritis worsened, and after constant monitoring and seeking advice from the charity’s ethical team, they were faced with a very difficult decision of amputation or euthanasia; the latter being an unbearable thought after all the support and efforts from the charity and fundraisers to help Nigel.

The vets and team at LWP performed the amputation in September 2022 with great success. Come and witness his new found mobility.

Meet Nigel

from £120

Leopard – Panthera pardus

Meet Zuri, our stunning melanistic leopard, at our Lincolnshire animal sanctuary. With his sleek, black coat and striking appearance, Zuri offers a unique and captivating experience for all our visitors. Melanistic leopards, commonly known as black panthers, are rare and extraordinary, making an encounter with Zuri truly unforgettable.

Our sanctuary is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for Zuri and educating the public about the importance of conserving these remarkable creatures.

Explore our scenic grounds and discover a variety of other fascinating species, all cared for with exceptional dedication to their well-being.

Special experiences and encounters with Zuri and the other big cats can be booked, allowing for an up-close look at this magnificent leopard. Your visit supports vital conservation efforts to protect endangered species like Zuri.

Discover the beauty and mystery of black panthers and see why our sanctuary is a top attraction in Lincolnshire

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Meet Zuri

DOB 3-10-2009

Zuri the melanistic leopard was rehomed to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in 2017 and has resided there happily ever since, in his custom built enclosure. Equipped with climbing frames, water feature, sand and grasses, it has all the elements to mimic his natural environment, with the added luxury of his heated indoor housing. 

Zuri is now 14 years old, so came to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park for rest and retirement; to which he is most certainly enjoying as he wow’s the visiting public. In the last couple of years the park has seen such an amazing change in him, to which you can now come and meet him up close and personal.

Without doubt the wildest creature to arrive at the park, but with the amount of time, care and attention he’s received he has turned into a real playful and happy cat. His favourite game is Hide and Seek, which he plays every day with Ted, the family dog while on his walks.

Meet Zuri

from £120