Phew Just Missed….

So sad to hear of everyone’s weather problems, we have been really lucky just getting the wind, no rain or snow…the wind obviously makes everything that little bit colder and the this brings on complaints from builders but, they are big strapping lads….or does that mean FAT….sorry Chris, and they can cope with the cold. The CPCP is looking brilliant and as long as the wind doesnt blow down the walls before they have time to set, then we should be on to the next stage by early next week. Pete and Nat have now created the new path connection to the zoo expansion meaning you will have to follow a different route shortly, this will lead to the new Tortoise enclosure then on to the new Education Suite which is presently being cladded by Vin and is looking very rustic, although the ground has suffered I am sure we can get it to recover rather quickly. What else is happening? Well we have a couple of intellects from the USA working with 2 separate groups of parrots, one with Greater Vasas and the other with macaws so that should be interesting and looking forward to their work commencing and see how the old birds get on. Then we have the new Meerkat extension that just needs timber to the walls and they are allowed in, although there is a large Fort type building going in there, a little like the one shown in the old tv program BRANDED, can anyone remember it or is it just me as no one here does?

All the birds are doing fine and the weathers causing no problems for them at all, the new macaw building, oh yes, that will be finished at some point 😉

Right like it or not i have to go back out in the wind so off for a warm drink then out i go