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About the Foundation

The Doris Johnson Peace of Mind Foundation is a brand-new initiative, launched in 2022. The Foundation is a part of the National Parrot Sanctuary at The Parrot Zoo Trust in Lincolnshire. The Trust is a registered Charity (number 1162135) and is known and respected worldwide for the care and compassion given to its resident birds and animals.

The Parrot Zoo Trust currently provides a forever home to over 1500 parrots offering a haven for over 100 different species of these incredibly special birds.

Our small and dedicated team provides the care and attention each bird needs to enable them to lead a fulfilling life, from nutrition to one-to-one care and enrichment.

We encourage all our birds to live naturally within a flock allowing them to not only survive, but thrive.

Unlike any other sanctuary in the UK, The Parrot Zoo Trust provides long term care in an environment where parrots can live outside in the fresh air, taking in the sun and rain and making their own choices about when they sleep, eat and play.

The Doris Johnson Peace of Mind Foundation wants to support you now and into the future, to provide the very best care and attention for your Parrot. The Foundation will provide a totally free service for you.

Once you have provided your details to us, and we have sent you your membership card, we will be there for you – to provide information and advice about caring for your parrot.

We will also stay in touch by sending you our quarterly newsletter, so you get to know about all the exciting developments at the Trust.

But most of all, we want you to have Peace of Mind.

Our promises to you

  • We really do understand how much your parrot means to you. Should something happen to you, we know that you want to make sure there is someone who will care for the bird you love.
  • Through the Doris Johnson Peace of Mind Foundation, you can plan for the future so that in the event of your illness or death, we can give your parrot a forever home with us.
  • We promise that we will never put a healthy parrot to sleep.
  • We promise that we will never rehome your parrot.
  • We promise there will be no cost to you, You can be assured that we will always give your parrot the love and care they need and deserve.

Introducing Doris Johnson

Doris was born and spent her early life in Vienna, Austria. She witnessed the occupation of her home country by invading forces from both Germany and the Soviet Union. These were very difficult times for Doris as she was born into the Jewish faith and so her family were at great risk. In the late 1940’s, Doris met her future husband ‘Bob’ who was a serving member of HM Forces. They married in 1952 and remained together until his death in 2017.

Doris was always a keen supporter of nature and wildlife, especially wild birds and during her lifetime Doris and Bob always had an African Grey Parrot. First Polly, then Pepe.

When Doris first contacted us in 2017 she was becoming increasingly anxious about the future care of her beloved Pepe; her companion of 30 years.

Doris was invited to the park to look around and to take the opportunity to have any questions answered. Doris spent a sunny afternoon with Steve, our Chief Executive who did his best to reassure Doris and to answer all her questions about long term care for Pepe.

Steve gave Doris his business card and asked her to give it to her solicitor. He gave his word that should anything happen to Doris, he would personally collect Pepe and would bring him to the Sanctuary (The Parrot Zoo Trust) for his forever home.

Sadly, Doris passed away in 2019.

Doris very kindly remembered us in her Will, and it is with that kindness and generosity in mind that we have established the Doris Johnson Peace of Mind Foundation.

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