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The Parrot Zoo Trust is a UK registered charity and its aims are:

  • To rescue, rehabilitate and offer long term sanctuary for parrots, parakeets and other exotic animals in the United Kingdom.
  • To assist The National Parrot Sanctuary in the upkeep of any rescued creatures that are in their care either through feeding, medical, housing or staffing.
  • To carry out and fund research into areas that will benefit parrots and other exotic animals in captive environments.
  • To assist in captive parrot conservation.
  • To promote awareness and conservation to the many threatened parrot species around the world.
  • To support conservation projects working with Vulnerable & Endangered species.

Most parrots though just want to live life as a parrot, as opposed to sitting in a cage in a house, on their own, for the rest of their lives.

And wouldn’t you?

Please Support our charity and in turn support the many animals that need our help.

When signing up using “Sponsapoll” our unique sponsorship programme, receive a Season Ticket to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to visit these amazing birds and animals all year round!

We are probably largest Parrot Sanctuary in the World with nearly 2000 birds residing at the centre, and are the only one in the United Kingdom to offer long term sanctuary for all its residents. Unlike any other parrot rescue in the United Kingdom, you can be rest assured that no pet parrots are ever re-homed.

The Sanctuary offers a perfect place for parrots and parakeets to live out the remainder of their lives, whether it’s for 1 year or 20. Our team of animal carers are dedicated to offering the many birds everything they need for a fulfilling quality of life, be it the top in nutrition to ‘one to one’ care and enrichment.

Known throughout the world for their amazing work and lead by the zoo license holder Steve Nichols who has studied this amazing creature for over 30 years, the sanctuary team are here to help any parrot in any situation.

We encourage all the birds to live naturally within a colony, this is because a caged environment is by far the main cause for behavioural problems. Unlike any other rescue or sanctuary in the United Kingdom, The National Parrot Sanctuary can offer them long term care where they can live outside in the fresh air taking in the sunshine, feeling the rain and most importantly, making their own daily choices as to when they eat, sleep, play or scream…and believe me they do all of them at some point every day!

It is in our experience that parrots thrive when offered the opportunity to live as parrots, and that simply living with other parrots of their own species is a huge benefit. With over 100 species already living at the Sanctuary, this is something that only we have the facilities to offer in the United Kingdom.

Working with the top veterinary surgeons and universities in the country, we have created a haven for these special creatures and strive to make sure all birds that reside at the centre are catered for in housing, enrichment and nutrition. Some birds just want to live on their own, some in groups of 10 or more, others just want to scream for England 10 hours a day; but no matter what they want we can offer it.

Most parrots though just want to live life as a parrot, as opposed to sitting in a cage in a house, on their own, for the rest of their lives.