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The Parrot Zoo Trust is a UK registered charity and its aims are:

  • To rescue, rehabilitate and offer long term sanctuary for parrots, parakeets, and other exotic animals in the United Kingdom.
  • To operate The National Parrot Sanctuary in order to provide unparalleled care and attention for the many animals that need our care.
  • To carry out and fund research into areas that will benefit parrots and other exotic animals in captive environments.
  • To assist in captive parrot conservation.
  • To promote awareness and conservation to the many threatened parrot species around the world.
  • To support conservation projects working with Vulnerable & Endangered species.

Most parrots though just want to live life as a parrot, as opposed to sitting in a cage in a house, on their own, for the rest of their lives.

And wouldn’t you?

Please Support our charity and in turn support the many animals that need our help.

When signing up using “Sponsapoll” our unique sponsorship programme, receive a Season Ticket to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to visit these amazing birds and animals all year round!

We have evolved since our commencement in 1993, to become the largest Parrot Sanctuary in the United Kingdom, providing a safe home for over 1000 birds. Setting us apart from other parrot rescue organisations, we uniquely offer long-term care within our centre, ensuring that no pet parrots are ever re-homed.

Our Sanctuary serves as a secure refuge for parrots and parakeets to spend the remainder of their lives in a setting that allows them to display their natural parrot behaviours, whether they are in the autumn of their lives or just starting off in their prime. Our dedicated team of animal carers attends to their every need, committed to providing the birds with a high quality of life, to include top-notch nutrition, personalised care, and constant forms of environment enrichment, provided by our experienced carers.

Led by Mr. Steve Nichols, BCAv, renowned worldwide for his three decades of expertise in rescuing and rehabilitating parrots, our sanctuary team is ready to assist any parrot in need, regardless of their condition or background. Our philosophy is to initially help you with your pet parrot, offering care and support to your much-loved birds within your own home by offering the best support available. However, if circumstances necessitate, we are here to help and again uniquely we will never turn away any species of psittacine, from Macaws to Budgerigars.

Upon arrival at our centre, we create an environment that encourages our residents to live as natural a life as possible, with the ultimate aim of being introduced to a colony setting. What sets us apart from other rescues or sanctuaries in the UK, is our commitment to providing long-term care, allowing parrots to enjoy the outdoors, experience sunshine and rain, and, most importantly, make their own daily choices regarding eating, sleeping, playing, or expressing themselves in whatever way they wish.

Based on our extensive experience, we believe that parrots flourish when given the chance to live as parrots, especially when surrounded by members of their own species. Housing over 100 thriving species already in our Sanctuary, we offer facilities unparalleled anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Collaborating with top veterinary surgeons and partnering with the University of Lincoln, we have established the perfect haven for these special creatures. Our focus is on ensuring that all birds at the centre receive exceptional care in terms of housing, enrichment, and nutrition. Whether a parrot prefers solitude, group living, or just wants to sit screaming all day (and believe me they do), we can accommodate their unique needs.

In contrast to a life confined to a cage in a house, many parrots simply yearn to live life as a parrot with friends, and we provide the optimal environment for them to do so.