Parrot Rescue Update

Bring you up to speed with events, surprisingly I received a telephone call from a lady at Safehaven expressing her sincere apologies on the matter, she explained the fact that they had got things a little mixed up and their ACO (not sure what that is πŸ™‚ ) was both wrong to send the ladies to the sanctuary after she had been informed that the bird was not rung along with throwing accusations the way she did.

I must say I admire her honesty in contacting us however that still doesn’t mean it’s acceptable the fact she was allowed to cause such mayhem in the name of the charity she represents.

I also received some hate mail from the silly little unlike group asking for pictures of the dead Badger, I do have them but don’t think they’re really suitable for putting on a blog.

Still, we are far too busy to worry about that now and more hope the ladies have been reunited with their much loved pet.