News from The Parrot Zoo

First of all as to be expected I have been a little behind on the blogs, all down to the big transformation here at the zoo along with the fact that we are quite busy at present 🙂 all good news for the zoo.

Thought I would let you know a little news of a future project, over the past couple of years we have received a huge amount of emails from parrot owners asking a couple of really simple questions, What do you feed the parrots at the zoo? followed by: Are you going to market the dry diet you give? Well the first one was always easy as we just emailed them a diet sheet which has become very popular around the many zoos and bird gardens around the country. The second question, well…..we had never really thought about it as we had a really good parrot mix produced by Pedigree, Harrisons Premier Mix, now although a little more expensive than most (not all but most) it is a very good mix with little waste, sadly you will always get that waste as each individual has slightly different tastes. Anyway back to the point, well now we are teaming up with a major seed company and are in the process of compiling the recipe for the new Parrot Zoo Diet Mix with a few spin offs maintenance, breedersm parakeet, budgie…..oooohhhh the list is endless, I can hear the YPR’s screaming at their monitors now.. 🙂

It wont be ready for a few weeks yet until extensive trials are complete. If anyone was going to trial a parrot food then surely it has to be the largest collection of parrots in the UK and probably the largest parrot rescue in the world, the tests will be scientifically carried out so we know exactly what the majority of each species prefers along with what their nutritional needs are, this will not be a complete diet as we will always recommend that all parrot seed mixes are just the dry part of a balanced diet.

Watch this space and at least 75 retailers spaces (theyre ones that have already shown an interest in selling it) and thats before we have even told anyone 🙂 The Parrot Zoo Diet on your shelves now….mmmm has a nice ring to it dont you think

Okay now for a human mix….or a good old fashioned Curry with just a hint Wine (wonder if theres any mycotoxins in that? 🙂