Mark Owen, Take That

I had no idea just how big our daily workload is until today, thats when I had to start passing on some of that workload to the newbies 🙂, we have to do blooming loads on a daily basis just to keep our paperwork up to date even though we are only a small place, suppose thats what happens when your a licensed organisation, the YPR’s don’t know how lucky they are. So glad its all on the move to new desks situated a couple of offices away from me….Although i also know they will be far more effective than I am.

The guys have been working very hard on the top field just leveling it all out and removing many years of wasted materials, mesh, telegraph poles, perches, and materials for the new enclosures, well Vin on tractor, Pete on Digger and off they went, between them and the lads they moved tons of stuff and the new area is now ready for the many anticipated cars to come over the next few weeks.

I don’t know if I’m having a bit of a freak out but I am also positive I felt it raise in temperature, up to about 3 degrees didnt know whether to get the t-shirt out but i resisted so dont worry 🙂

All the animals and birds are doing very well barring one and that is Benji one of our Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, we have never had one die but sadly the big guy passed away today. He had his own unique little story. In the 90’s I was contacted by a lady named Alex Kadis who asked if we would take on a parrot that she felt really sorry for who lived in a pet shop just around the corner from her London apartment. Now theres nothing unusual about that except on meeting this lady, not only was she very nice and you could see she was a real parrot lover, well she was only Mark Owens manager (yes the Take That Mark Owen) on his break from the group. She actually bought the parrot Benji just to rescue him, I remember to this day every part of the collection, even to the shop where poor Benji was sat in his cage screaming for blue murder, and could he scream, on getting him back to our place he would sit screaming for over 16 hours per day and all in parrots know what that noise is like :-0. It took me 2 years to get him to something like normal but on moving here he loved it and over the years became a part of the small colony and sadly hes the first to pass away, we have no idea how old he was but I do know he loved it here, never actually became tame but did become very trusting where he would like to have a head scratch if i was in their enclosure cleaning or feeding. I dont know if my ears will ever get over the ringing but he will be sadly missed. 🙁