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Have you been watching our live videos? If not, why not? You could be one of our daily winners of an amazing prize… including animal experiences, t-shirts, animal adoptions and lots more!

If you’re a winner, then please email our admin team to claim your prize:

Check if you’ve won below:

  • 1st Dec = Tiger Experience for Josie Watson & Christmas t-shirt for Debbie Edwards
  • 2nd Dec = Tiger Experience for Sharron Clarke & a family season ticket for Ann Haynes
  • 3rd Dec = T-shirt of your choice for Angie Gourlay & a Tapir Experience for Lynn Birdsall
  • 4th Dec = An Animal Adoption for Sophie Orton & a Tapir experience for Nicola Bennett
  • 5th Dec = Nigel Adoption pack for Oscar Myers & Family Tiger Experience for Pam Caine
  • 6th Dec = Family Day Pass for Lesley Johnson & a Lemur Experience for Jane Bere
  • 7th Dec = T-shirt for Pam Hoult and Lion Experience for her nomination & a Nigel Experience for Anne Fawden
  • 8th Dec =  Animal Adoption for Helen Bowman & a Meerkat Experience for Edward Wrisdale
  • 9th Dec = A Reindeer Experience & t-shirt for Susanne and Hannah Arum & a t-shirt of your choice for Adam Hunter
  • 10th Dec = A t-shirt of your choice for Kim Wass
  • 11th Dec = a Family Annual pass for John Prior & Zuri Aadoption Pack for Deirdre Wilkins
  • 12th Dec =  Lion Adoption Pack for Sarah-Jane White
  • 13th Dec = A Family Tapir experience for Louise Taylor & a Parrot adoption pack for Jane Green
  • 14th Dec = a Nigel adoption pack for Nicky Coffey & a family Tiger experience for Diane Rawlin
  • 15th Dec = a t-shirt of your choice for Ally McNally & a family Lion experience for Fluer Wallhead
  • 16th Dec = a Zuri adoption pack for Mark Wray
  • 17th Dec =  a Tapir adoption pack for Wendy White & a Lion Experience for Linda Hearfield
  • 18th Dec = a Tiger Tour for 4 for Deirdre Wilkins & 2 t-shirts of your choice for Becky Bullock
  • 19th Dec = a Meerkat Experience for Linda Grice & VIP experience for 4 for Phil Johnson
  • 20th Dec = a Family Day Pass for Holly Louise & Meerkat Experience for Jan Hope
  • 21st Dec = Family annual pass for Linda Grice & Tiger Experience for Emma-Dave Hudson
  • 22nd Dec = Family Zuri Experience for Sam Fox
  • 23rd Dec = Family Lemur Experience for Channy Billings & Family Big Cat Tour for Duane Dyson