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Higher Education Visits

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park can offer you the perfect place to go. Not only will you experience the largest collection of parrots in the United Kingdom but we also have an array of wild and endangered species including 3 species of Lemur, one of only two Black Leopards on display in the UK, Bengal Tigers and two very rare White Lions! We also have a wonderful nature reserve and a spectacular up-close and personal ‘walk-through’ aviary, by far one of our most popular exhibits.

The day involves the students being taken on a walk around the centre, showing all aspects of zoo keeping and animal management. After lunch they will assist keepers at the zoo in enrichment programs, gaining access to many of the enclosures that are usually out of bounds.


A fun & educational excursion!

We also offer a set menu from our Rainforest Diner for large groups of students who wish to dine with us. We would need obtain a pre-order for this service and are more than happy to email the menu over.

Whatever your educational needs, we are here to help.

This is proving to be a very popular excursion for Animal Colleges so book your place now.

Contact a member of our friendly staff to get details of how to book and our packages on 01754 820107