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Hes Back

Or should i say, Im back, where have I been? Nowhere just working very hard to get everything ready for the bank holiday thats just been and gone. It was all worth it, was a brilliant weekend, fabulous weather loads of smiling happy people and the animals and birds were in their elements albeit a little uncomfortable as the weather reached 22 degs c.

So whats been going on here?
Well the meerkats are loving running around in their new enclosure making it huge in comparison to what they had before, no doubt make them a little fitter and on total completion they will have loads more to do, the them is…..argh will let this be seen rather than spoil it 🙂

Sulcatas enjoying their new hills in the extended enclosure and they dont half cover some ground in a day but the best thing is, they all now put themselves to bed each night, which is a massive bonus as Big Albert is massive now and way to big to be man handling.

We have 2 lots of research going off at the same time with Alex working with a group of Blue and Gold macaws and Megan working with my favs, the Greater Vasas all very hush hush but no doubt very interesting.

The new walkthrough has been started and Pete and Liam have all the pads dug out for the uprights as can be seen in the picture, yes the water feature is also included within so will look amazing on completion:

Walk-Thro at The Parrot Zoo

Walk-Thro at The Parrot Zoo

Just for a little added enjoyment ive thrown in a picture of the cockatoos getting ready to roost:

Cockatoo Aviary at The Parrot Zoo

Cockatoo Aviary at The Parrot Zoo

The African Spotted owls have really settled in and the old boy of the pair is a real character

On doing my late walk around, putting the cranes away and feeding the owls i was really pleasantly surprised when I saw that Vinnie had been working his socks off and almost completed all the timber cladding on the Greys, and it looks spectacular well done old Vin:

Timber Cladding on African Greys

Oh must go, its getting very windy so need to check the zoo