Getting Ready for Change Over as New People move in

Things getting closer to the new people moving in taking over the running of the zoo. Over the next few weeks these guys will take more and more work on until they are totally running all the administrative department along with many of the new sections the zoo is creating. I don’t think they will be sacking me 🙂 as I will be moving into new sections of the zoo and working with the animals and staff there. I am looking forward to stepping down and away from that side of the business and let the new managers take over. It will give me the chance to concentrate on building the new Conservation Centre which is well on the way, all the walls are up and the enclosure supports are in place. Next stage is enclosure fitting, but that will be a little way away as we concentrate on finishing the bits already started, Meerkats, Tortoises, Otters, Education Centre and Toucans….Not a lot really 🙂

Received an exciting email today from a leading avian vet who wants to use us as part of semi-retirement plan and work with the trainee vets in the new centre once its completed with the hope of setting up a major training facility for disease management in psittacines something never done before in the UK. Cant wait as I too will be on the tools by then so will gain a little more knowledge to my ever decreasing brain… 🙁

All the birds and animals are doing very well even though the weather has been extremely windy, very lucky so far though, not one flake of snow and on a positive, the wind has dried all the land off so now its quite safe for us to drive on and finish the fields off.

Oh well best start looking for my boots and uniform 🙂