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Education Policy

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The goal of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park’s Education Department is to increase the understanding of and the responsibility for, local and global animal species; strengthening the bond between people and the living world.

We encourage our next generations to discover what their role is in protecting the many species of flora and fauna both worldwide and at home.

We aim to achieve this by providing information alongside exhibits on individual species and their natural habitats, the information provided shall suit all levels of the curriculum as well as adults.

Closer to home we have provided a Nature Reserve where over 8,000 trees have been planted and a number of water wildlife areas have been incorporated, including a 2 acre lake. This gives the park the opportunity to show children how animal life develops within a newly formed wildlife area, and just how important it is to respect all forms of animal life. Our nature walk provides information boards about indigenous animals, habitats, plants and trees to also stress the importance of protecting our environment.

We are in the process of creating a newly proposed education centre which will enable Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to increase educational facilities. With up to date technology by way of touch screen information systems, giving instant access to all ranges of knowledge based programs involving the Psittacine family, allowing us to stay in touch with the younger generation on a more user friendly system.

This amazing facility will not only have the power to assist large groups, but also reach out to those who may not have access to technology or funding for such trips. Thus broadening the availability of careers within the industry and allowing children to interact with species they may have never seen before.

Children are ours and our planets future, so let’s help them grow and flourish.