The Rainforest Diner

Welcome to The Rainforest Diner, a wild and interesting family dining experience at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. This development has opened the doors to many possibilities for our visitors; space, versatility, functions, relaxation and plenty of food & drinks to try!

Food picsThe Rainforest Diner was constructed back in 2012 due to the popularity of our park, with growing numbers of visitors wanting to see and feed our animals and parrots, we had to make some changes to be able to cater for everyone. Offering a relaxing environment for adults as well as a themed room to entertain and captivate young children.

Sit back and relax in our Rainforest themed environment, watch the interesting reptiles and amphibians in our displays or enjoy our patio seating area in the warmer weather. Our menu is loaded with hot & cold food to suit all tastes; with a selection of drinks to accompany your choice. We have children’s meals, Gluten Free and Vegetarian options as well as snacks and cakes for those who wish to have a bit of indulgence. Need food on the go?… enjoy snacks, cakes and meal-deals during busy times or grab a fresh ‘whippy’ from our Ice-cream van during the Summer months.

We invite group bookings into our Rainforest Diner & suggest that you ring prior to your visit date, to ensure we reserve tables for you and to collect a pre-order of food for your group. This allows us to be prepared and for you to have a more enjoyable experience with us. If you would like a copy of our full menu, please use our ‘Contact Us‘ page and we would be happy to email one to you.

Animal Snax…

Just outside The Rainforest Diner, before you start your journey around the park, is the Animal Snax kiosk. We welcome our visitors to have a really personal experience with our birds and animals, by allowing them to buy feed for them. You can purchase peanuts for the parrots, millet to take into our walk-through aviary or even some dried meal worms to feed to the cheeky Meerkats! Don’t forget to grab your snax beforehand and you’ll be very popular with our animals!

Please note: if you or anyone in your party has a nut allergy, there will be nuts around the park. For severe nut allergies please bring medication with you and we can also provide disposable gloves upon request.


Attached to the Diner is the ‘Zoovenir’ gift shop which has hundreds of gifts & mementos to take home. You’re sure to find something to remember your special visit or a wonderful gift for a loved one, including pocket money items, magnets and key-rings and cuddly toys, just to name a few. You can also grab a take-away sandwich, snack or drink for your journey home if you’re feeling peckish!