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Animal Holding Enclosure

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A necessary addition to the surroundings at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is A.H.E; a dedicated housing environment capable of taking on a wide variety of species comfortably as a temporary solution, while their permanent enclosure is constructed. The Animal Holding Enclosure is equipped to deal with animals of all shapes and sizes, with unique facilities to mimic the most natural environment possible. Whether it be a big cat, aquatic animal or small mammals; the enclosure offers something for them all to feel safe and comfortable while they get used to their new home amongst our thousands of noisy neighbours!


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A.H.E is well equipped with many plants, pools and hiding places; as well as grassed areas, sand, rocks and wooden beams. The plants give enrichment and comfort to smaller mammals that may like to hide or eat the shrubs, mimicking their living conditions in the wild. The pools can be shallow for small animals or filled for those animals that like to immerse and swim for exercise; they are filtered so that the water is safe and drinkable during warmer weather. The outdoor area has many wooden beams and platforms to create a larger surface area and height for predatory animals to roam.

Taking a look inside A.H.E there is three large pens with platforms so that animals can choose whether to sleep on the ground or higher up for a safer feeling. The pens each have a filtered water basin to drink from and feeding chutes; for safety when feeding particularly dangerous animals. Each pen has a sliding, lockable door so that animals can be separated for health checks, feeding or for safe cleaning of one of the pens. The raceway is a specially designed exit from the building for the animals; complete with a squeeze pen allowing for safe administration of vaccines and medical examination with as little distress as possible to the animal.

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