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Bonfire Night or Day at The Parrot Zoo

So its day 302 and thats Bonfire Night, we dont have fireworks here naturally due to the animals and parrots, Im sure it would frighten them to death but that doesn’t stop me having my own personal bonfire at 6.15 in the morning as can be seen on the pic below.

We are so pleased that we are still having visitors through the door, something we would have expected to have come to a halt by now, i think they’re making the most of this sunny weather and the quieter walk around the place, they’re probably glad that the kids are back at school…..or they could just be trying to get a sneaky look at the new enclosure thats behind closed doors.

The enclosure is coming along fine and is still on course to be completed in a couple of weeks or so, internal building will be totally rendered by tomorrow and hopefully the fibreglass will be on making it waterproof so we can work that few more hours in the dark. Outside we have now put in some 60 ton of soil and Pete’s flattened and compressed it, the turf will be here next week.Then its on to the roof and mesh walls along with the safety porches, all in all very close….

I am still suffering from the most severe form of man-flu in Lincolnshire or maybe England but Im fighting it, friends on Facebook have sent me a number of remedies all involved large quantities of alcohol with the odd drop of honey in, with just one, although it was from Michelle, saying get someone to rub Vicks into the soul of my feet ….mmmmm still not sure if thats a wind up????? Anyway my remedy is to try all the alcohol they suggested and I have and also to work it off, to which I am and must say after 6 days, I am beginning to feel a little better…

Steve making sure the bonfire is safe

Steve making sure the bonfire is safe

Remember you can catch me on Facebook just type in Parrot Zoo, Twitter is @parrotzoo and so is Instagram where you can get more pictures of the animals.

Oh one last thing, the big Blue guys are now in their new aviary and loving it.


All Change at The Parrot Zoo

After one of the best years for warm weather here at the Sanctuary, it does appear to be on the change now, it started off very cold, this lasted for a couple of hours before the sun came out and layers dropped off, within a few minutes all the guys were down to their t-shirts (and trousers before your mind wanders).

All the enclosure stats kicked their heating on and as to be expected, all the parrots made a sharp exit outside, not keen on too much heat…

Jackson and Milly the Mandrills also decided that outside is far better than their heated play room, so although it started a little chilly, none of our visitors missed a thing as the birds and animals enjoyed the warm sun.

We have moved 45 ton of soil into the new enclosure ready to receive the turf that arrives next week, we have also put the first stage of the new roof on ready for the fibreglass and mesh and then there is the housing unit, thats got one more day of render before we resin coat and put in the new floor, all in all still on course to have it complete in three weeks time……

Lots of soil being placed into the new  enclosure

Lots of soil being placed into the new enclosure

Blog Test at The Parrot Zoo

Here I am, sat in the study at 20.49pm on the 3rd November sipping at my glass of white wine while reading the responses to my previous blogs and its quite satisfying that even though I haven’t really been on the ball this year what with all the new enclosures being built and the massive changes within the business, but even after all that, I have 37,945 views to the blogs, producing 634 positive responses and 5 negatives, all the negs from the Unlike tribe I believe. This in mind I think its worth while continuing writing them and hopefully now my first book is complete (108,000 words in part one) I may even get a little better grammatically, who knows.

Now for the TEST bit….. In this new blog program I have some online stats built in so would like to give them a go with your help.

I dont know exactly what you see, but if theres a SHARE option, please press it….

I will let you know what happens

Thank you to all the 37,945

Every Dog or Parrot has it’s day……

Well as the saying goes ‘Every dog has its day’ and that may just come to fruition finally. I sit here on a sunday evening producing a document for the legal people who are now willing to look at the personal smear attack on my family and me over the past 5 years under the new ‘Online Defamatory and harassment Bill’. Although the attacks have been predominantly made by only a few individuals they have tried in vane to create as much harrassment for us and our animals by instigiating as many inspections as possible, to which we passed every single one, not satisfied with that, they have then took it on themselves to enlist innocent people in a Facebook group to maintain these insults in order to cause as much suffering to my family as they can and this includes the creation of a fabricated video. Just who do these hurtful people think they are?

Well, laid out in front of me now, some 55 pages of information, copy and pasted from their group, including unbeleivable language and disgusting comments from people who have never even visited the place or met me (and i havent finished yet) by the end of this evening I will have some document ready to hand to the police.

I think they call it Karma…….

All Change at The Parrot Zoo

Yes we are changing yet again, more internal than external but we are in the process of having a total revamp. New people doing new roles, a whole new computerised admin and back up system, we are getting posh in our old age.

Animal Update,
We have had the best year ever regarding the parrots and hopefully as the numbers within the pet trade slows as we predicted, then the numbers being taken in to rescues will also diminish. We have however just taken a large batch from a rescue in the north who sadly closed down due to low standards being maintained, all too common I fear as many new ones take up in the rescue world, not knowing the full implications, this is no disrespect to their attempts but even experienced parrot keepers such as David Woodbury ( I have been informed he had over 20 years of experience breeding and keeping parrots), he too fell victim to it as Trustee of Parrotcare UK the charity that sadly was closed down after causing severe neglect to the parrots in its care. Fortunately some kind people and the vet Neil Forbes stopped all that. But then who ends up with more birds through it ….Yes yours truly the National Parrot Sanctuary, fortunately we are geared for such events so it didn’t cause us any problems really, saying that, we do seem to be having an increase of calls from concerned members of many rescues asking if we will take in birds.

As many of our visitors will know, “There’s more than just parrots at the parrot zoo”…. (you have to sing that bit, like they do in our adverts 🙂 ), although the emphasis and ethos of the charity will always remain, through the involvement of other members of the management team we are now introducing more rescued animals to both offer them long-term care and to give our visitors a slightly different experience. We have rolled this out over the past three years or so and it has worked tremendously with our visitors giving us nothing but praise in our in-house surveys, this in mind you will see many new faces appear here at the sanctuary both animal and people as we are ready to expand even more, moving on to the next 10 acres of development, the most exciting thing for me will be the construction of the new African Grey enclosure which will be a first in the UK and by far the largest Grey colony outside of Africa.

Our research department has again had another paper published, don’t know if that means I am getting cleverer …probably not … and that too will expand over the next 12 months.

Our medical team is also on the up, with two of our girls just completing their vet nursing and will be working with both our existing vet along with our new vet…..Why two? I hear you ask, the answer is easy, our main vet is a real expert in Parrots and members of the avian world along with a great interest in mammals while our new vet will have have the same in reverse, an expert in the animals side of things with a yearning to learn more about parrots, so win win really.

Our new Animal Holding Enclosure is nearly complete and if you have been following our Facebook page you will have seen the pictures of stage by stage development, along with the many blooming selfies I have had to endure, only 80 more and that will be the yearly dosage, I will attempt to get some links on here so you can catch up on them should you so wish…

Right I am going to sign off as I am passing another section of my work over today to another member of staff, Not have a lot to do soon 🙂 but I need to make sure it’s all in order, and on saying that the heavens have opened and we are getting our first bit of rain for a long time…

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