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Birds Birds Birds…..

It does look like we are going to have a bumper year where parrot acquisitions are concerned, already taking in more than the whole of last year, but then saying that we didnt open until next week this time last year and stopped taking them in September so not really any surprises there. We do however seem to be receiving an awful lot of enquiries and not just from people needing to find home for their pets. Only today we took in 2 calls, one from a garden centre needing to part with 9 parrots and then a call from a major animal welfare group (not allowed to mention names just yet :-)) asking if we would take in over 20 mixed parrots from the North East, so if we say yes then theres going to be a lot, we will manage and thats what we’re there for 🙂

Well its been a mixed few days ending in a little chilly spell, but earlier in the week we had some wonderful days as you can see from the pics.
Parrot Zoo

Parrot Zoo Parrot Zoo

All looking so inviting and I must say the initial response we are getting from visitors is excellent.