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Adopt An Animal

Here you can find out how you can adopt your very own animal at the park! We often have special adoption packs available, numbers are limited though so grab yours when they’re available!

We have a huge number of animals to see at the park so be sure to visit us regularly!


Special Edition Adoption Pack!

Introductory Price – £75

Choose which animal you’d like to adopt from below, and give us a call to order yours before they’re all gone! This is a limited offer so don’t miss out!

Please call 01754 820107 to order

Limited Number Available

What's Included?

Included with every pack for you to enjoy:

  • VIP magnetic presentation box
  • Glossy Adoption Folder
  • Welcome Letter
  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Animal Fact File
  • Annual Pass for 1 person
  • Cuddly Toy of your chosen animal (may vary)
  • Animal Fridge Magnet
  • LWP Car Sticker
  • ‘What’s On’ Info leaflet


We have 3 species of Lemur at the park and they are one of the most popular species, with their unique characters and gentle nature. Did you know that you can even have a one-to-one experience with the Ring-Tailed Lemurs? Click here to find out more.

By adopting our Lemurs, you’re helping provide food, care and enrichment for them on a daily basis, through our amazing charity! You’ll receive a beautiful VIP presentation box with all your goodies in, as well as an Annual Pass to visit the park as often as you’d like for a whole year!


    LWP houses the largest collection of Bengal Tigers in the UK, having rehomed them to save them from euthanasia. This incredible big cat is endangered in the wild, with only 6 of the 9 sub-species remaining. This is your chance to get up-close to these wonderful predators at their custom enclosure ‘Bengal Gardens’.

    If you choose to adopt our Tigers, you will receive your special VIP presentation box with all your goodies in (including a cute cuddly Tiger of your own!) Don’t forget to use your Annual Pass for free entry to the park for a whole year too!

      Parrots or Budgies

      The stars of the show… we really mean it! Our Parrots took the World by storm when we rehomed some African Grey’s with some colourful language in 2021, not to mention Baby Gok who was born live on social media! The Parrots are the foundation of our sanctuary ‘The Parrot Zoo Trust’ and we house over 1500 for you to meet.

      Adopting our Parrots or Budgies means that you will be directly helping to look after these wonderful species, as well as being able to visit the park with your Annual Pass… find this and lots of other goodies in your VIP presentation box!

        Honey Bees

        We have Western Honey Bees at the park, they are on our Nature Reserve and produce honey for us all year, which you can buy from our gift shop!

        There are over 80,000 bees in the hives, which means we are able to help preserve bees by offering them a wonderful home full of natural plant life to pollinate!

        You can now help our bees, as well as receiving your very own cuddly bee in your adoption pack!


        Zuri is our beautiful Black Leopard at the park and has been with us now for over 6 years.

        He lives happily near The Rainforest Diner and loves to sun himself on the roof, which is usually where you can spot him!

        He also loves his enrichment toys, anything from a hose, to a strong ball with scents or meat inside and he goes wild!

        Get your special adoption pack now, to help support the park and get him some more fun enrichment!


        If you’ve visited before then you will know all about our cheeky Meerkats in their Western Country! You can visit Cleo’s tequila bar for some moonshine, but don’t be having naps in the barn or you’ll be thrown in jail!

        You can also find out your special LWP Cowboy name, have you found out yours yet?

        In your adoption pack, you will receive an annual pass to visit them as many times as you like!

        White Lions

        Our amazing White Lions at the park are brothers, Pascha & Uganda. They arrived in 2019 looking for retirement at our sanctuary, and they now live happily on the Nature Reserve next to Nigel the Puma. 

        They are a sight to behold as they roam around their enclosure and bask in the sun on their climbing frame.

        Adopt these lovely boys for a year and get a gift box packed with goodies!


        We have a lovely group of Asian Small Clawed Otters at the park that have their own natural pond to play in, complete with their own pirate ship!

        You can watch them swimming around and playing with the pebbles in their enclosure when you visit; don’t forget you receive an annual pass within your pack!

        By adopting our lovely Otters you will also receive a beautiful cuddly Otter and fact sheet all about them!


        Reindeer are for all year, not just Christmas! Our lovely mother and son duo are named Lexi and Boomer and have been at the park for many year now, Lexi was even born here!

        If you love Reindeer and are looking for a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one, then a Reindeer adoption is perfect! Presented in a beautiful gift box full of goodies and complete with an annual pass to visit the park for a full year… not forgetting your super cute cuddly Reindeer!

        Terms & Conditions:

        Limited stock and subject to availability. Delivery will be between 7-21 days from the date of purchase, if you require your pack for a certain date please specify when ordering. Pack contents may vary slightly. Payment and delivery details taken at the time of order. Packs are based on one person per pack. For information on how we handle your data, please see our Privacy Policy.