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Adopt An Animal

How about adoptiong your very own animal at the Park?

Take a look at the adoption packs we have to offer.

Whether it’s big cats you love, furry mammals, saving the bees or you’ve got a favourite character at the park, every adoption helps our animals!

From our leaping Lemurs, to our Chatty Parrots, our Lazy Lions and of course Cecil our Tapir, we have a range of adoptions available. Delivered in a stylish package, these make the perect gift ideas.

You could also adopt Nigel our three-legged Puma, so click here if you’d like more details!


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Special Edition Adoption Packs!

From just £75

Choose which animal you’d like to adopt from below, and give us a call to order yours before they’re all gone! This is a limited offer so don’t miss out!

What's Included?

Included with every pack for you to enjoy:

  • VIP magnetic presentation box
  • Glossy Adoption Folder
  • Welcome Letter
  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Animal Fact File
  • Glossy photo of the animal
  • Annual Pass for 1 person
  • Cuddly Toy of your chosen animal (may vary)
  • Animal Fridge Magnet
  • LWP Car Sticker
  • ‘What’s On’ Info leaflet

Adopt one of the Lemurs

Explore the Fascinating World of Lemurs at Our Park!

Discover the charm of one of our three lemur species, the ever-popular Ring-Tailed Lemurs. 

Ever dreamed of a one-to-one experience with Ring-Tailed Lemurs? Now you can make it a reality! Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity.

When you adopt our lemurs, you’re directly contributing to their daily care, feeding, and enrichment. Your support ensures these amazing animals thrive in a nurturing environment.

As a thank you for your adoption, you’ll receive an exquisite VIP presentation box filled with fantastic goodies, and an Annual Pass granting you unlimited visits to the park for an entire year!

Join us in our mission to care for and protect these incredible creatures. Adopt a lemur today and become part of their story!

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    Adopt a Tiger

    Discover the Majesty of Bengal Tigers at Our Sanctuary!

    Come and experience the inspiring beauty of our four Bengal Tigers, a species that teeters on the brink of extinction with only six of the nine sub-species remaining in the wild.

    At ‘Bengal Gardens’, their specially designed enclosure, you have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these magnificent predators. Witness their grace, power, and playfulness in their homes.

    Want to make a difference?

    Choose to adopt one of our Tigers today! As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive an exclusive VIP presentation box filled with delightful goodies, including your very own cuddly toy tiger. Plus, enjoy unlimited free entry to the park for a whole year with your Annual Pass!

    Join us in our mission to protect and preserve these incredible animals. Adopt a Bengal Tiger and become a part of their extraordinary journey.

      Adopt a Parrot

      Adopt and Support Our Magnificent Parrots – Meet Our Feathered Stars!

      Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of parrots at our park! We are home to a stunning array of parrot species, including macaws, African greys, cockatoos, eclectus, and many more. These feathered friends are truly the stars of the show!

      Our parrots gained worldwide fame in 2021 when we rehomed some African greys known for their colourful language, and who could forget Baby Gok, who captured hearts by being born live on social media! As the foundation of The Parrot Zoo Trust, we are proud to house over 1,000 parrots for you to meet.

      By adopting our parrots or budgies, you’re directly supporting their daily care, feeding, and enrichment. Your contribution ensures that these remarkable creatures continue to thrive in a loving and supportive environment.

      As a token of our gratitude, you’ll receive a beautiful VIP presentation box filled with exciting goodies, including a cuddly toy, and an Annual Pass granting you unlimited visits to the park for an entire year!


        Save the Honey Bees

        Get Ready to Buzz with Excitement!

        At our park, we’re home to Western Honey Bees buzzing around our Nature Reserve. These incredible creatures work tirelessly, producing delicious honey all year round, available for purchase at our gift shop!

        With over 80,000 bees in our hives, we’re not just about honey; we’re also committed to preserving these vital pollinators. Our bees thrive in a sanctuary filled with lush, natural plant life, providing them with the perfect habitat to pollinate and prosper!

        Now, you can join the buzz and support our bees by adopting one today! As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive your very own cuddly bee in your adoption pack. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to make a difference while embracing the sweetness of nature. Adopt a bee and become part of our hive!

        Adopt Zuri

        Meet Zuri, our magnificent Black Leopard! He’s been a cherished resident of our park for over six years.

        Zuri thrives near The Rainforest Diner, often lounging on the roof where he basks in the sun. This is the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of his majestic beauty!

        He adores his enrichment toys, whether it’s a hose, a sturdy ball filled with enticing scents, or meat treats. These playful activities bring out his wild side!

        Support Zuri by getting your special adoption pack today. Your contribution will help us provide more fun and engaging enrichment for him and support the park’s ongoing efforts. Adopt now and make a difference in Zuri’s life!

        Adopt a Meerkat

        If you’ve visited us before, you’re already familiar with our cheeky Meerkats in their Western Country! Drop by Cleo’s Tequila Bar for some moonshine, but beware—if you nap in the barn, you might end up in jail!

        Have you discovered your special LWP Cowboy name yet? Don’t miss out on the fun!

        When you get your adoption pack, you’ll receive an annual pass to visit the Meerkats and all your favourite animals as many times as you like! Adopt now and enjoy unlimited park visits while supporting our incredible creatures.

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        Adopt White Lions

        Our amazing White Lions at the park are brothers, Pascha & Uganda. They arrived in 2019 looking for retirement at our sanctuary, and they now live happily on the Nature Reserve next to Nigel the Puma. 

        They are a sight to behold as they roam around their enclosure and bask in the sun on their climbing frame.

        Adopt these lovely boys for a year and get a gift box packed with goodies!

        Small Clawed Otters

        We have a lovely group of Asian Small Clawed Otters at the park that have their own natural pond to play in, complete with their own pirate ship!

        You can watch them swimming around and playing with the pebbles in their enclosure when you visit; don’t forget you receive an annual pass within your pack!

        By adopting our lovely Otters you will also receive a beautiful cuddly Otter and fact sheet all about them!

        Adopt a Reindeer

        Reindeer are for all year, not just Christmas! Our lovely mother and son duo are named Lexi and Boomer and have been at the park for many year now, Lexi was even born here!

        If you love Reindeer and are looking for a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one, then a Reindeer adoption is perfect! Presented in a beautiful gift box full of goodies and complete with an annual pass to visit the park for a full year… not forgetting your super cute cuddly Reindeer!

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        Adopt a Marmoset

        We have two lovely little Common Marmoset monkeys at the Park, called Tweedledum and Maddie. Maddie was introduced to Tweedledum in early 2024 and they have been happily living together since.

        If you love Marmosets or know someone that does, then an adoption pack makes a great gift to help support them and the other animals at the park.

        owl eagle owl eyes animals bird eurasian feathers lincolnshire wildlife animals park zoo

        Teat the Eagle Owl

        Teat-Owl is a firm favourite at the park, and quite different to what you would expect from such a majestic predator. Teat came to us unable to fly, due to wing damage, and our CEO Steve was instantly his favourite! 

        Teat now has a custom woodland enclosure near the parrots and loves to bring his food to show you when you visit!

        Brazilian Tapir animal sanctuary zoo experience feed treat close encounter

        Adopt Cecil the Tapir

        If you haven’t met Cecil yet then you’re missing out! This lovable Lowland Tapir is the talk of the park, with his unusual features, trunk-like snout for sniffing out apples, and friendly nature.

        An adoption pack for Cecil will include an annual pass to visit him as many times as you like for a year, as well as information about him and a cuddly version of him!

        Terms & Conditions:

        Limited stock and subject to availability. Delivery will be between 7-21 days from the date of purchase, if you require your pack for a certain date please specify when ordering. Pack contents may vary slightly. Payment and delivery details taken at the time of order. Packs are based on one person per pack. For information on how we handle your data, please see our Privacy Policy.