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About Us

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Set in over 650,000 sq ft (16.5 acres) of Nature Reserve, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is a picture of happiness and serenity. We are now the UK’s premier Animal Rehabilitation Centre with over 2000 residents and home to The National Parrot Sanctuary, the World’s largest Parrot Sanctuary.

Working in partnership with Lincoln University, we have a long term research programme enabling our researchers to find out exactly what makes the animals happy. Our enclosures are being designed so our birds and animals can make enriched choices in life. We feel our success is down to being able to offer animals the choice; be it living within a colony /group of its own species¬†or ¬†with a companion of a totally different species, or even just hanging about with people, it’s up to them.

Although we offer sanctuary to many species of animals and birds, we specialise in Psittacidae (Parrots) and Felidae (Tigers), holding the largest collection of each in the UK.

Our future’s looking bright as we make plans to bring in a further 11 acres of development land, in order to provide even more facilities for the animals that live with us.