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A Massive Thank You……

What a brilliant last few days we have had, the weathers been spot on although a little cooler this afternoon, but thats not stopped the visitors turning up, none stop is really the only way of explaining it and they have loved it, even though our walk-through is temporarily our of bounds no ones been fussed, they are just loving the newly faced enclosures the new owls and the expansion on to the East of the centre. A Massive Thank You to everyone and keep on coming.

We hit record numbers on our FB page with over 30,000 visits over 3 days last week and our website visits shot up the same, no doubt the TV but still a brilliant response. Another Massive Thank You

The staff have coped fully with both the increased footfall and the increased bird arrivals, good job really as they have 10 mixed parrots from just one place arriving imminently, they have taken it all in their stride though so, A Further Massive Thank You

On that note I do think its about time there was some form of legislation within these small YPRs, not one bird has arrived with any related paperwork, so we have no knowledge of age, names, origin or anything??? It really is so sad that some groups can ask for both animals and funds yet do not care for the animals (no idea where the funds go) but theres nothing easier than keeping records so you know who you are caring for!!!!

Our new booking system is working a treat and our collection service has begun so we can get out there even quicker to help the needy parrots, which is even more good news for the many waiting on the list……… sorry its now Coffee O’clock so must make my way to the Rainforest Diner for a nice relaxing drink.