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Parrot Rescue Update

Bring you up to speed with events, surprisingly I received a telephone call from a lady at Safehaven expressing her sincere apologies on the matter, she explained the fact that they had got things a little mixed up and their ACO (not sure what that is 🙂 ) was both wrong to send the ladies to the sanctuary after she had been informed that the bird was not rung along with throwing accusations the way she did.

I must say I admire her honesty in contacting us however that still doesn’t mean it’s acceptable the fact she was allowed to cause such mayhem in the name of the charity she represents.

I also received some hate mail from the silly little unlike group asking for pictures of the dead Badger, I do have them but don’t think they’re really suitable for putting on a blog.

Still, we are far too busy to worry about that now and more hope the ladies have been reunited with their much loved pet.


How Parrot Rescues can cause both Confusion & Upset

Been dragged out of blog retirement due to a recent event here at the centre, caused by total inefficient and unprofessional groups acting as parrot rescues.

A few days ago we were contacted by one of the small parrot rescues, Safehaven Parrot Refuge, informing the centre that they’d been contacted by someone who had lost their parrot and they believed it had been relocated here at the national centre. It was a macaw that had flown away in London. It was true we had taken in a macaw that was found in London in June this year, the nice chap that had found it, attempted to find its true home but to no avail, so after a couple of weeks, contacted the National Parrot Sanctuary asking if we would take it in, we duly agreed, with this he arrived within a few days and the macaw was settled in.

In my initial conversation with the woman from safehaven I told her that there would be no problem and that it was good that they had found the owner, she interrupted saying, that the lady can confirm its her bird, informing me that she has the ring number etc, that’s where we realised there was a problem, the little Severe Macaw that arrived was microchipped not rung, ‘Oh that’s a shame she said’, but I did say the lady was more than welcome to call me and I could take details of her macaw and should anyone ring, direct them in the right direction, no calls or contact so as far as we were concerned, she had duly informed the lady.

That afternoon, approx 4.15, a staff member radioed requesting assistance, 2 women who were making threats, me being the nearest attended, it didn’t take long before I realised it was the women who had been in contact with Safehaven, they were talking to Digby the Blue and Gold, one of our long timers who’s been with us for 11 years, asking me where we’d got him from as they thought it was theirs, I then became confused (not hard at my age :-)), before I could go into explanations they verbally attacked me saying they had relatives as policemen and they weren’t leaving without informing the police, to which I was more than happy to assist, it would have sorted the situation quicker, but they declined, instead they called the safehaven woman, who adamantly said that it was their bird that had been sent here and that this is how we operate she knows we will have sold it. 🙂

But then what I would have thought would have quashed it instantly actually turned it into a farce, while she was on the phone, the other lady, (her mom) who was with her, again started talking to Digby trying to get him over to her, ‘why are you talking to him, when yours was a Severe’ I innocently asked, only to be advised that theirs was a B&G, all mayhem broke loose as they accused us of cutting rings off, selling parrots etc, (the usual tripe). It was totally the wrong bird that Safehaven had sent them on a 300 mile round trip for, but they weren’t having any of it, so against protocol, I contacted the chap who brought the Severe and asked him to confirm it, this he did but again they didn’t believe him either, I then showed them the first 5 macaws in front of us asking why they all had rings on if we cut them off? this wasn’t taken too well when they slowly realised they were totally wrong, becoming more apparent when they telephoned the Safehaven receptionist who duly advised them, she had got it all wrong and it wasn’t here where the bird had been sent to, but another rescue ????

The poor ladies were very upset, but even after offering them a drink and a sandwich before they set off on their long way home, they still thought it was a con and threatened everyone in the place with what their policemen family were going to do to us, (albeit they couldn’t seem to get it right whether they were active or retired as they both told different stories), they then sped off, wheel spinning out of control out of the car park and a poor badger took the brunt of their anger :-(?

My point is, Do you not think it’s time we licenced all parrot rescues to prevent this lack of professionalism, create proper bona fide paperwork and so minimise this and other types of heartache caused to people and lost parrots. It is no wonder that these and many more amateurish groups are still, some 20 years later, operating out of a terraced house full of poor parrots with more staff changes than a parrot has feathers.

Suppose it will give a little drivel of fuel for the puppets 🙂

Rant Over….. and I hope the ladies have found their parrot 🙂