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A Day in the Life of….Steve Nichols at The Parrot Zoo

Okay here goes, thought i would give you a taster:

6.15: Start off by letting Oswald and the Cranes out, then opened everything up ready for staff etc

9:00 Me n Pete had to clean out some blocked drains 🙁 Yes I still do that job too.

10:30 we then got on to the Otters, finishing off some bits, Vin did the top metal preventing any escapes, me n Pete sorted out the new water feature and electrics

11.15 Contacted printers about new flags, artwork looks spectacular

12:30 EON surveyor came to prepare for a our new 2 phase electric supply

Back to otters

1.30 Did a bit of a survey with Ivan and Pete for new car 3 acre car park

2:00 lunch, while eating it I went and measured the on-site accommodation out for a refit

2.45 Checked a parrot out that had been took to the med room, was injured but all fine

Back to otters

4:30 Most of Animal staff left, we carried on till

5:30 then concreted the new fences in

6:00 Vin left for home

6:30 Pete went home

6.45 I nipped in house for tea

7:15 prepared evening meal of Apples, Carrots and cabbage for Oswald

7.35 Went to put Oswald and the Cranes away and do last security and health check

8:10 Nearly finished so in for bath

8:15 Did daily selfie (Below)

8:30 Just done this blog so now finished for the day.

Thats it.