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Oswald at The Parrot Zoo

Weather was brilliant until it poured it down, but never mind it wasnt until late on so not many visitors got that wet….Phew!!

Vinnies been putting the locks on the new Otter enclosure and they will be in by the end of next week 🙂

The Parrot Zoos Otter Enclosure

The Parrot Zoos Otter Enclosure

The Macaw house is being well tested as the many beaks get working away, to date theres not one problem with it, a good reason why all parrot houses will use the same model.

The new macaw house at the Parrot Zoo is a  success

The new macaw house at the Parrot Zoo is a success

Meet Oswald, our new guest, hes just retired from television and is now a bit of a diva, being waited on hand and foot, he is a real star.

Oswald the Emu at The Parrot Zoo

Take a closer look, check him out with Steve

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Let me warn you that this blog may (more…)

Update at The Parrot Zoo for March

Trying again to get the blog started with a little new high Tech software meaning I can do them from different tablets etc.

First things first, yuo will notice a slight change to the website with our new Twitter feed section being placed on the home page all done by our amazing web man Craig Sansam a genious in the making, take a look and see what you think….WAIT not yet!!! wait till youve read the blog first 🙂

Okay what we been up to?

Things growing day by day here at the zoo both for the parrots and the animals:

Parrots first….naturally 🙂

We have started taking birds in for 2014 and we have quite a list to get through. Quarantines was emtpy awaiting the deluge, this list is way to long to go through but already unusual ones turning up, a couple of relatively rare amazons already through the doors with more to follow.

The captive parrot conservation program is well under way, and we can already see that this is going to be a very exiting venture, the geneology side of things means creating family trees and the results will make facinating reading for anyone with the slightest interest in parrots, info will be published as soon as we can.

The new Walkthrough is as expected amazingly successful, people just love it and fortunatley we have made it future proof so shouild offer years of fun for both parrots and people.

A new special needs centre has been designed and will be commencing shortly offering all of our geriatric and disabled patients a whole new world of comfort with even more visitor / parrot interaction.

The African greys have had a further extention added which gives them extra room, no that they need it but just in case 🙂 (more…)

Picture Test

Picture Test


Picture test

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Hope to be back on the blogging again shortly as Im back on to writing my book so will be in front of Ipad quite a bit.

This is a tester just got to see how we add pictures etc