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Biggest Blog read ever

Evening all, no blogs of late due to the vast amount of views weve been having on the last blog. (more…)

David Woodbury and Parrotcare Uk

It is always sad when you hear of any animal being neglected, but when its an animal you are very close to it makes the reality that little harder to cope with (more…)

Seasons in the Sun

What sun is that? I hear you scream….I know but dont worry, i have it on good authority that the suns only just around the corner so before too long we will have forgotten all about this long winter.

The girls are just sorting out the season tickets and over 800 have been posted so again Royal Mail have took it out on us, but on saying that we are also starting a new online members club that will regularly receive a newsletter by email, thus assisting us with postage costs, narrowing them down to just a couple per year.

I have to repeat to everyone that the walk-through is temporarily closed while the new one is being errected, it does say it 4 times on the website but people keep missing it. So there thats five time now 🙂

All the birds are doing very well and no doubt looking forward to getting outside and enjoying a bit of the so called promised sunshine, they have started coming in now and I believe we have them coming in every day this month so a busy time for the girls in quarantine.

The guys are finishing off on the Ivanvale nature reserve so that too will be open by the weekend and they can then get on to the Meerkat and Otter enclosures making the walk around that little bit longer. We can then finish off the new education centre but no real rush for that just yet.

Animals are starting to get out and about a little more and a few eyes are being opened when they see the little Coatimundis running around, amazing creatures they are and although we have had them for a while now, they have only just been put for the general public to see.

Had a very interesting visitor to the centre for an early morning visit, Ivan Massow, a London entrepenuer who has a very keen interest in parrots: Ivan Massow

Ignore how handsome he looks, hes very photogenic….mmmm
Ivan Massow & Clarence

The good news is, he is also going to be one of our Patrons alongside our existing Patron Saint Derren Brown

That can only be a good thing.

Ok now in readiness for the arriving sunshine got to go and get my factor-2 out along with a little chip fat to start the tan off 🙂

Oh if you do want to be a part of the new members club where you will receive the newsletters and special offers just send your email address to and we will do the rest.

Moving Out….

Now my desks are on the move, theyre taking everything 🙂 (more…)