Missing Blogs

Very sorry about the lack of blogs over the past few days, been ever so busy with development and meetings, sorting the future of the sanctuary out, big big meetings so you can imagine, I am now totally drained mentally, please keep funny comments to yourselves 🙂 (more…)

Bleeding Hand!!!

The knees only just healing, down to one dressing change per day and what do i do? Sliced my finger rather roughly with a brand new saw, as you know we have a ‘No sympathy’ rule here, so the first thing that happened when they heard the sickly noises leaving my lungs was run up with their phones saying, lets look, something for Twitter. There was quite a lot of blood and even more laughter, i will show you the better picture (not so gruesome): (more…)

Electric Bills Arrived

Just like everyone else, well most people anyway, we have quarterly bills come through the door to cover water, oil and Electricity to which we have a number of accounts due to the size of the place, this mornings post just like most mornings, was full of bills to be paid but one stood out from the rest, (more…)

UK’s First at The Parrot Zoo

Things moving very quick and its been a much more productive day, met 2 wonderful ladies who had done exactly what we ask people to do (more…)

Best Ever…

Yes we are open and its been our best start ever, thank you so much to all that have visited us and even thought the weather isnt the hottest you still turned out to see the parrots and from the responses we received you enjoyed your day, look forward to seeing you all again in the summer. (more…)