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The Bacon Butty Debate

Its amazing just how things can be triggered. (more…)

Room with a View

So over the past month or so I have been totally spoiled by the very fact that due to removing one rather large enclosure and also relocating some of the guard dogs ‘day quarters’, I was left with a wonderful view out of my study window (more…)

The Swines got there….

After all I said yesterday regarding Ashley and his family and the newly laid concrete that we hung around late to make sure they had gone to bed was in vane. (more…)

On Bended Knees

This morning started off really nice, weather was cold, but workable, had a number of jobs to complete, such as: paint the Kookaburra enclosure, clean all the builders debris from around the entire centre and start the repairs etc, prior to opening. (more…)

Its not a bad life being a parrot you know….

I mentioned a few days ago about the consignment of fruit and nuts we obtained, well the birds are loving it, so for the next few months in addition to their Toast with Palm Oil on, Fruit, mixed seeds, pulses, boiled eggs, pasta, rice and chicken among many other tasty treats the guys will be having this mix, made up by Ruth today and I must say its harder to keep the keepers hands out than anything else.: (more…)