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You know when you have one of those days!!!!!!

This is one for all the wonderful people who really dislike me, and there’s a few from what I read 🙂 (more…)

Tina Turner at the Parrot Zoo

A long long time ago, around 30 years ago to be exact, I used to drag my family all over Europe parrot watching, anywhere and at anytime at the drop of a hat we were off, we used to go all over the place (more…)

Woodland creatures

Oh my lord, i knew i shouldnt have gone out to the nature reserve, instead i should have used my authority and stayed in the office, but no! (more…)

Last Meeting, phew!!! and maybe a small celebration….

Finished my meetings for the day and ended up having a very positive one from out of nowhere (more…)

No blogs for a few days due to meeting meeting meetings, yes I looked today and we are on the 25th January and already i have had 18 meetings, with another one today, I have had meetings over animals, staff, finances, businesses, property and loads ore things, todays meeting believe it or not is about special heat retaining screeds for the macaw indoor house floors and future housing units, followed by another meeting with the architect discussing the new parrot welcome centre, we are at the initial design stage where we are looking at, what we need, whos it for, what ae they going to do and for how long. We then work out what its going to cost and how long it will take to build and then we, well we pray then 🙂 and wonder where the moneys coming from. But dont worry we do that for everything and always find a way somehow of making it come true. (more…)