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You know when you have one of those days!!!!!!

This is one for all the wonderful people who really dislike me, and there’s a few from what I read 🙂

Well my day has been absolutely terrible, starting off I had a really early appointment and ended up being late, I hate that….then got a telephone call saying I had lost a deal…oooh its getting worse.

In the office I go and my computer wont work, it has a conflict that mean I could not use the scanner the internet the printers, well practically everything, so after a little messing around I uninstalled the printers etc and hey ho the net was back, only then to receive an email giving me more bad news.

So now its 10am and things shouldn’t be able to get any worse, but as always they do, the delivery wagon turns up with only half of what we need to get the walls for the new conservation centre, then the most important, and Orange Winged Amazon fell really ill and wouldn’t eat so in the hospital she went and still shes there on round the clock care.

Things started to look up a little as the bricklayer got a real move on and you could see it taking shape even without the full quota of gear, Pete sorted the new road out and hid what must have been 30 ton of mud underneath and amazingly all our machinery may have clean tracks now…

Right now to stop the moaning, on a positive we now have the boundary fence line in for the new Meerkat expansion which also creates the boundary for the new Otter enclosure, these both have to be completed before we can finish the macaw building, which has dragged on due to contractors not wanting to lay the self leveling screed (floor) in the freezing temperatures, but they now say its okay. But its all getting there slowly , oh and the new Tortoise enclosure is halfway there as Vinnie keeps hammering away.

We have also just got the plans sorted for the new Parrot Reception Unit, when I find a way of making them small enough to get online i will put them up, so not a lot on our plate to be honest, Meerkats, Tortoises, Otters, Conservation Centre, Parrot Reception Unit and keep all the existing aviaries going…no wonder im going grey and feeling old, the haters may get their dreams soon:-)

Best sign off in case I catch my finger on the keyboard… 🙁

Night all