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White Lions


The Kings of the African Savannah have arrived at the Park!

These two majestic Brother’s arrived at the park in November 2019, from a private collection in the UK. They have come to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to find a retirement home and a sanctuary where they can live out the remainder of their lives. They will remain in our Animal Holding Enclosure while they settle in to their new surroundings and routines. As you may know, the AHE is suitable for all types of mammals and is equipped with high level security procedures. These beautiful big cats will eventually have their own uniquely designed enclosure, that will offer them the optimal living conditions and enrichment that they could need.

Named Pascha and Uganda, these endangered White Lions are 10 years old and very happy to live together. You may notice on your visit, that they do not possess full manes at the moment. They were given a hormone injection to stop any unnecessary breeding, when interacting with females, prior to arriving at the park. Once the effects of this have worn off, after a few months, their manes will become fuller and thicker.

When visiting the park you can learn all about their rare genetics, that make them the beautiful White Lions that they are! Although Lions can be seen across the world in many parks and reserves, in 2018 there were actually only 11 White Lions recorded in their natural habitat. There are very little laws in Africa to stop the hunting of this species… meaning they could be wiped off the planet completely if there were none being protected in reserves and parks.

So our two Brother’s are not only a natural anomaly, but very rare and endangered too!