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Tina Turner at the Parrot Zoo

A long long time ago, around 30 years ago to be exact, I used to drag my family all over Europe parrot watching, anywhere and at anytime at the drop of a hat we were off, we used to go all over the place. On one of our trips we went to Twycross zoo, and fell in love with a cockatoo that we aptly named Tina Turner (even though it was a boy), no idea why that particular name, but it just seemed perfect, we all felt a little sad, due to its mate constantly plucking its face, it was red raw and not a feather in site. We spoke about Tina for many years and then a real tragedy struck, in 1997 my brother took ill and passed away and as kind of softener to take our minds off it, we went again to Twycross and there again was Tina, we spent a good deal of time talking to the bird keeper about Tina and got to know his full history and the poor old boy had had a pretty rough life.

Then time went by and things happened, such as: we continued striving for the best and created the largest the most successful Parrot Rescue in the country, not a lot really, but 5 years ago we got a telephone call from Twycross asking if we could help them, taking a few parrots off their hands of course we said yes. Liam and Richard went off to collect them and on their return I was absolutely amazed, gobsmacked and truly surprised, the very first carrier i looked in and the big old bird scowling in the back of the box was Tina, yes Tina Turner. Well Tina (yes we still call him Tina) settled in really quickly and fell in love with another boy !!!!! well they are parrots, the other boy was a Triton cockatoo named Gobby, so not even of the same species, but they hit it off straight away. As for Gobby (and you can imagine why he’s called that) I will give you his story another day. Well they are now a real pair and get on really good together, Gobby doesn’t pluck Tinas face but sadly the damage is done now and i doubt there will ever be any feathers grow back on that face.

Take a look at the old boy, hes still not very tame and it doesn’t make any difference if he stays wild forever, he now loves life:

Tina sat enjoying the winter sun

Tina sat enjoying the winter sun

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