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Nigel the Puma – Fund Raising

Here at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park we have our beautiful Puma Nigel, who came to us for retirement & sanctuary because of his congenital eye disorder which will eventually render him blind. We always knew that his sight would go, but due to a recent routine scan & health check, it has become clear that this has diminished more rapidly than we had anticipated.

The disorder is called Exotropia and there is no treatment available for this, apart from the most obvious choice we were faced with… euthanasia! This was not an option for us!

This is why we are hoping that with your help, we can build him a custom made sensory enclosure instead, for him to live a fulfilling life and potentially a very long one with us here at the park. The construction of this enclosure needs to be of high priority so that we can get him used to his surroundings and familiar with the special equipment before his eyesight goes completely.

If you would like to help this beloved Puma, a favourite amongst our visitors and staff alike, then there are many ways you can help… large or small, we appreciate anything you can do for him!

Donate with JustGiving:

Please CLICK HERE  to be taken to our JustGiving page, where you can donate as much or as little as you like straight into his personal fund! All money given will 100% be put towards all aspects of the construction of his enclosure.

Text Donate:

This is the quick and easy, on-the-go method to donate straight into Nigel’s fund! It goes through exactly the same process as our JustGiving page and you can still choose the amount you would like to donate.

Simply text “NIGE11 £5” (or an alternative amount) to 70070

Donate your services:

If you have or you know someone with a business who could donate building tools or services to help construct Nigel’s enclosure then get in touch now!!

This could be bricks, windows, safety equipment, security services, electricals, interiors… we would really appreciate the help! If this is something you think you could do then please contact us via the following avenues:

0871 384 1130

Thank You so much for any help, large or small!

from Steve and all the team at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park