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The Charity

The National Parrot Sanctuary is the back bone of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and is still to this day, the most important aspect of our success. We are now one of the largest parrot sanctuaries in the world, if not ‘The Largest’. Everything we do is based around offering captive animals a more fulfilled life. Take a look at what makes us so unique and learn more about our much needed charity.

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Steve Nichols



Lincolnshire Wildlife Park assists in the re-homing of all exotic species of animal, bird or reptile across the country.

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Parrot Zoo Trust

The National Parrot Sanctuary, offering over 30 years of parrot care and rehabilitation.


Meet our in-house Fund Raiser Eileen Miller & see the amazing work you can help her with!

Our Patron

Derren Brown

In 2004 Derren Brown became the proud patron (or as he likes to be known, The Patron Saint) of the registered charity the Parrot Zoo Trust. Having had parrots for many years, with an innate fascination for these creatures, it was a natural process to become involved with what is now, probably the worlds largest parrot rescue charity. It is the only one of its type in the United Kingdom to offer long term sanctuary to the many parrots and parakeets that need their assistance.


Our History

Embark on a journey with us to create a haven that transcends boundaries, an inclusive and accessible sanctuary, a safe haven where animals and people thrive together. Each interaction unfolds an opportunity, utilising the environment to spark learning and foster a profound understanding of animal welfare and the natural world, igniting inspiration for future generations.

Our story unfolds with Steve Nichols BCAv, the visionary behind The National Parrot Sanctuary. In the early 1990s, driven by a passion for parrots with extensive knowledge based on information about these extraordinary creatures, he founded an organisation that began by assisting local parrot owners in Sheffield. Swiftly gaining recognition from national and local animal welfare bodies, we evolved into a global beacon for parrot-related guidance.

Within a year, the journey expanded, leading us to identify the perfect canvas in rural Lincolnshire, a one-acre piece of land that became the foundation for our sanctuary. Over the years, The Parrot Zoo Trust transformed into a beacon of hope, celebrating two decades as a charity in 2023. Today, we extend our support to a diverse array of mammals and birds, including the largest collection of Bengal Tigers in the UK.

As we continue to evolve, our commitment remains unwavering to provide a sanctuary for exotic animals, with over 99.8% of our residents having been rescued. The National Parrot Sanctuary stands as a testament to our unique and vital role, the largest facility of its kind in the UK, shaping the core of our existence. Join us in preserving and cherishing the beauty of our shared sanctuary.

After viewing over 150 potential sites and travelling nearly 10,000 miles he finally located a site situated in Lincolnshire. It was a flat piece of land measuring approximately 1 acre with not one plant on it, but was a perfect blank canvas to design the centre; that was to become The National Parrot Sanctuary.

Finally in 2003 and after all the amazing work achieved by the family in building the centre, it was now in a position to open the doors; but more than that, the organisation could set the foundation stones to becoming one of the largest parrot rescues in the World.

After only a very short while it was realised that this space was never going to be enough to create the refuge for the many birds that needed help. So over the next few years that one acre grew to an area that now spans to well over 20, this should easily give future-proof security for any relevant developments.

Meet Our Trustees

Karen Parsons


Karen has worked and volunteered within the voluntary sector for over 30 years, in sector development including strategic development, safeguarding, workforce reform, play and early years.

Throughout her working life Karen has focused on partnership working and sees it as an integral part of daily work, providing opportunities to influence and develop services whilst ensuring the voice of local Voluntary and community is heard.

Karen strongly believes in the ethos of an integrated environment, making the best use of resources available to us and adding value to ensure better outcomes for all. To achieve this Karen ensures that the performance of the organisation meets the needs of beneficiaries and stakeholders by engaging the team through a continuous cycle of analysis, strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and review.

Karen joined the Parrot Zoo Trust in June 2022 as the Chairperson.

John Roper


I was born in Derbyshire where I lived until 1999 and then, after living in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire for a short while, moved to Lincolnshire in 2002. I qualified as a Solicitor in 2003 and continue to practice, specialising in commercial, residential and agricultural property. Much of my time outside of work is spent with my wife and children and I enjoy cycling and walking the dog.
I have a keen interest in wildlife and being largely confined to an office for much of the working week, I try and make the most of the opportunity at weekends and holidays to spend time outdoors.
I was delighted to be asked to become a trustee earlier this year and to have the opportunity to contribute to the wonderful work of the Parrot Zoo Trust.

Jon Bielby


I work at Liverpool John Moores University as a lecturer and researcher. I have worked in the interface between science, conservation, welfare, and public engagement for over 20 years, having first worked at the Zoological Society of London, and more recently at Chester Zoo before starting my current role in 2018. I’ve worked with and researched many different types of topics, such as the IUCN Red List of threatened species; the efficacy of badger culling as a means of controlling bovine TB in cattle; age-related diseases in captive big cats; and the online trade in reptiles in the UK. In doing so I’ve worked with people from many different sectors and organisations, including Dogs Trust, Association of Zoo and Exotic Vet Nurses, the IUCN, civil servants, and curators and keepers at multiple living collections and sanctuaries.

I love the aims, ethos and approach of the Parrot Zoo Trust, and I am really excited and supporting the work of the charity in whatever way I can.

Angela Dobson

Community and Funding

I’m Angela Dobson and have been a Trustee at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park since 2021. I got involved with the park through my job, which is Senior Area Officer with Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS). This involves recruiting and supporting volunteers, supporting community organisations and getting involved in community development.

I originally trained as a nursery nurse many years ago but have had a very enjoyable career in a variety of roles in childcare and education, safeguarding, family support, education welfare, Children’s Centre management and community support projects.

I have been in management roles for 30 years so also have skills in leadership, recruitment, team building etc.

Kirsty Johnson


Hi! I’m Kirsty, originally from Somerset but now live in Lincolnshire with my tiny chihuahua called Gizmo. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, drinking coffee and getting outside for long walks with Gizmo.

I’ve been involved in health and safety within the NHS for around 10 years and when the opportunity to work with Lincs Wildlife Park presented itself, I was over the moon.

The Parrot Zoo Trust charity does some truly brilliant work and I’m so happy to be able to contribute in the respect of making sure all staff, animals and visitors to the Park are able to be kept safe and have a great time!

Paula Batchelor


I started working at the Careers and Guidance Centre/Connexions approx 25 years ago. This is where my involvement within the youth sector really began, I started undertaking careers advice sessions with young people and adults, in schools, prisons, libraries in fact anywhere where it was appropriate to chat. This then all led on to project involvement, delivering and supporting projects funded through various streams, delivering and also managing projects started my interest in looking at how projects started, applying for funding and delivering, completing and the evaluation process.

I started doing some staff training, quality management and looking at MI systems and supporting their development and completed my assessors award.

I have managed various employment projects, both national schemes and local, large and small. Supporting adults and/or young people into work, supporting those most in need and helping them achieve what they want to achieve is so rewarding, whether I do this directly or indirectly it still feels the same!

Working in the community/voluntary sector within various roles and projects has really highlighted what great work they do across the county, through volunteering people can and have achieved so much.

Certificate of Excellence 2018

Many travellers far and wide go to Trip Advisor for help and advice on where to go for a day out. Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has been given the Certificate of excellence for the last 5 years running and we intend on keeping it that way!

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