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The Bacon Butty Debate

Its amazing just how things can be triggered. On our Facebook page PARROT ZOO we get a decent amount of views and comments and its always wonderful to talk to friends and followers regarding the on-goings here at the centre. But now and then something totally out of the blue happens and 100s sometimes 1000s join in.Today was one of those.

It all started around lunch time wen Sophie asked what we wanted for lunch, we just said Bacon sandwiches would do, on getting our lunch, I couldn’t believe the barmy woman had put butter on the bread…Butter YUK, but then Pete came out with “you have to have butter on” and so the debate began and it went on and on and on, so i decided to stretch it out a little and put it on our facebook page and also the skeg-vegas page and WOW, between them we have had 100s of comments and over 10,000 viewings, absolutely amazing over 10,000 all to see what the debate was about and like it or lump it, I was totally wrong, 🙂 nearly 75% wanted butter, preferably real butter and not spread, but certainly something rather than just dry with a little brown sauce or something…

Give us you thoughts too please, just visit here and say yes or no followed by your town. Bacon Butty Debate