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Strange Things Happen at The Parrot Zoo

I’ve mentioned a few times over the years, living with such an array of animals always produces amusing and a little strange occurrences, I have told you many times about the 2 feral cats that we fed as kittens after their mom got killed in a road accident. Well these two cats are now very big and can look after themselves, be it ratting or just winding the guard dogs up, and you have to be brave when there’s 6 Rotties around.

They just strut their stuff up and down the centre and no one says a thing, Well that was until they met their match, as I wrapped up this evening I heard the door go, saw Dawn lean out with their food and around they came a running, however when I got inside the house and looked through at them, I couldnt understand why they were both laid close to the floor, that was until i popped my head around the door, cheeky Ashley on of our liberty peacocks walked straight up and brazenly just ate what he wanted, then off he went to his roosting place he went, the cats were mortified and dare not move a muscle, that is until he walked off where they readily downed the remaining food looking a little bewildered.

As I said, strange things 🙂 Take a look: PRESS ME TO SEE