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Sleeping Around….

Caroline succeeded her all night sleep in with the Ring Tailed Lemurs and it went very successful, not only did she raise £50 for the Madagascan Fauna Group she got her story in all the local press and media.

Her night went uneventful with the little guys only waking her up once, and thats because they were very interested in what she was doing, but as they are very use to her (she been on a primate course for the past 13 months) they were just not phased by her presence and it let her see just exactly what went off at night. It rained all night and really bad so Caroline said that woke her up a couple of times but other than she just said it was too warm as she had set her sleeping bag very close to the heat source.

All in all though she was very happy with how it went and it served its purpose in a number of ways. Her eyes say she had a good nights sleep!!!!!

Caz Lemur Night