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RSPCA at The Parrot Zoo

(please read in a quiet whispering voice) 🙂
It was a cold frosty afternoon, through the windows of the heated building looking in the newly formed snow, it could easily be seen that a vehicle had left warm tyre marks when driven over the car park, I opened the window slowly, not knowing what was out there, the voices could be heard in the distance, there was more than one and they were heading my way, should I hide? or just run out of the back door, did they know I was on my own and vulnerable, the decision was made for me as Id forgot to lock the office door and 3 spooky looking people in dark wet uniforms walked in, through their cold lips they uttered my name, How did they know it, Oh god they’ve got me!!!! Then the words I dreaded the most came out, “any chance of a cuppa, we’re bloody freezing” I hated it because I’m on my own so I had to make it.

I told them I was going to put it on the blog and make it as spooky as possible and they didn’t believe me!!

Three RSPCA officers had called in on their way to make a visit to some unsuspecting person but needed refreshment and a good old chat on the way, they had brought birds in previously and came to see if they could use us as a holding facility if needed.

After a good cuppa and a warm up they drifted off in the mist……oh okay was enjoying that 🙂

Well the machinery is all back up and running which was fortunate as we had ‘god knows’ how many half-round timbers to take over to the new education building, we are going to make it look like a wonderful swiss cottage, think that’s what they said!!

Petes been on his digger leveling the ground for the new decorative walling for the macaws, it will be on the outside of their new housing unit and is going to look like ……I will not tell until its is finished or may spoil the surprise.

We eventually did get a bit of snow, last night we had around 50mm fall and made everything all pretty to look at but a pain to work in, at least it warmed up a little more, hence all the machinery thawing out.

Kez is doing very well, couldn’t move him due to transport issue with the roads etc but im amazed at just how nice he is, I thought it was shock yesterday and don’t really have much to do with raptors but understood there was not relationship with the handlers, just a food driven understanding, but not with this little man. Put your hand in his cage while cleaning him and up he pops on your arm and just sits there like a parrot… that’s where the similarity ends and no he is not staying here before I get the emails from staff pleading…

Everybody and everything doing very well so nothing to report on that side, oh but one other thing, will fill you in more as it progresses but have been approached by a new Parrot toy/cage importer, the company is quite established in the pet world already and we have worked with them for many years, well they have decided to go big into parrot equipment and toys etc at what initially looks like very competitive prices, so keep your eyes peeled as on them being ready to launch we will inform you with a hope you will get a good bargain, you cant beat a bit of competition to keep the prices and services to good standards.

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