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Playing with Fire, at The Parrot Zoo

Been off the blog for a couple of days due to IT problems but back again.

The guys are working on the new area conservation area in all weathers and conditions, even into the early evening while its dark, well not quite pitch black as you can see from the picture, they have their own version of the Olympic flame, its an easier way to dispose of the burnable debris, and keeps them warm :-).
Working by Firelight

It’s taking shape now and we can see exactly what we are going to get, its a little bigger than first thought but, ‘bigger the better’ is the best attitude i think.

On a further note and a little more tasty one, we have more heating oil tanks around the zoo than you can imagine and every now and then problems develop, you can always bank on it being a weekend, when no one is around to help, so as ever, I volunteer my self to check it out, easily located through a normal process of elimination, so far so good, then cleverly i undo the filter (where the problem seems to be) and the oil isn’t there, certainly a problem with the filter, now comes the tricky bit – for me anyway – messing with all those fiddly nuts and washers i inadvertently put the wrong piece in my mouth (as if there’s a right piece!!) but as i moved my mouth to look up i realised the bit i had, also had about an egg cup full of oil in it BAWK!!!! yes you can imagine, just good job i dont smoke, even 5 hours later, every burp tastes like hi energy heating fuel…lovely and so does everything i eat and drink 🙂 so here’s to some Kerosene flavoured Magners…

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