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On Bended Knees

This morning started off really nice, weather was cold, but workable, had a number of jobs to complete, such as: paint the Kookaburra enclosure, clean all the builders debris from around the entire centre and start the repairs etc, prior to opening.

All got started and was going very well until someone (with a very loud mouth) suggested we get the last path concreted, “only seems natural thing to do” he said (Pete) “we need to get rid of all the materials from the car park and it will only take a few hours will also warm us up”!!!!

So that was the job for today, like it or lump it!, while the other things were done by Dawn and Sophie. We commenced getting all the materials round from the car park and the mixing was started, It was very hard, much too difficult for an old sod like me, but we stuck at it and all in all we mixed approx 11 tons of material and got it all down. No rain, no snow and no hail, but Ashley was looming (the dreaded concrete loving peacock), so Pete fed him up and sent him on his way, but I know he was just hanging around hoping for us to go before it gets too dark, as he needs to get up in his roosting site before dark for safety reasons. On completion we were all looking for the pesky birds when I got up from my knees, Oh my Lord!!! the pain hit me 🙂 stop laughing you lot!! The blooming concrete had got down my knee pads and burnt through my jeans taking as much skin off as possible, and oh did i know about it. Has we have a zero sympathy policy here, the others just stood up saying, does it hurt? I tried in vane to get a little …’ooh are you okay boss’ or ‘would you like a littler help’ but no chance, just ‘fancy a cup of tea and a mars bar’ well i suppose that classifies as a ‘ are you okay Steve’. Anyway after a hot bath (yes i said hot after a burn) and some food its all fine, maybe a little sticky when I get to bed but we will see.

Up to coming in and it was dark, there was still no sign of Ash, so you never know, it could be the first bit of concrete since he arrived that he hasn’t signed.

Animals are all doing very well and while doing a check this morning there was a little ‘sing off’ going on between 3 of the Orange Winged Amazons in the morning sunshine, they got louder and louder as i got closer and seemed to revel in me watching, this went on for about 30 minutes so was very amusing.

The singing Orange Winged Amazons at the Parrot Zoo

The singing Orange Winged Amazons at the Parrot Zoo