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New Residents @ The Parrot Zoo

Since digging the lake and planting the many 1000s of trees on the nature reserve we have always yearned for a pair of swans to turn up and call it home, now it looks like we have what we wished for. These have been coming backwards and forwards for around 5 weeks and over the past weeks or so have decided to make use of one of the islands and on each mornings walk they appear to be more at home so you never know!! they just like it enough to stay. When Vin returns, I think a couple of good bird hides are needed as the quantity of shy ducks arrive each day, that way we should be able to identify them before they see us..

Its always special when you walk around the reserve and see all the new buds appearing and crocus popping up out of the long grass, no matter what the weather is, you feel like Springs just around the corner and thats exactly the feeling I got at 7am this morning, I know you get some lovely winter shots at this time of year but Ive had enough now, I want the SUN and everything that comes with it.

Thats not too much is it?

The elegant pair of Swans residing at the Parrot Zoo

The elegant pair of Swans residing at the Parrot Zoo