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Moving Out….

Now my desks are on the move, theyre taking everything 🙂 well not quite everything, but some of my desks from the offices have now migrated somewhere else in the area??? Never mind I know its for the best, just hope the new woman is’nt too bossy.

The weather is on the up and it feels much warmer today, suns blasting out and all the birds are screaming so must be getting better. I must say walking around the place its really looking good, the tortoise enclosure is massive and well impressive, the poor sulcatas will be shattered by the time they get to the end, and then they have to walk all the way back, we have just set some more seed and dandelions so hopefully it will be ready just as the weather changes. There is also progress been made on the Meerkat extension, again that will be very big but in a slightly different way, although there will be a good 300% larger in the length to cope with it will also be very high and the animals will be on eye level in lots of areas so something very different in the way of meerkat display, lets hope it works.

What else is happening? well we have the new Otter enclosure to finish, the education suite to be kitted out and then the entrance to the Ivanvale nature reserve which is also on the change, a large Owl enclosure has been built to create a bit of a round-a-bout offering choices of going in a number of directions, which is difficult when you’re trying to keep everything on a one-way system but I know it will work.

The swans are making a wonderful big nest on one of the islands so you never know we could have some interesting little ones swimming on the lake by mid summer. I have also had a pair of Canada Geese move in on my private section, Im afraid these guys will have to relocate as thats been constructed for the Cranes and not blooming geese 🙂 they will not mind moving down to the large lake i am sure.

Well last year at this time we were decorating the restaurant in what can only be termed as ‘ground-force’ fashion, we were running around like the proverbial…..but it all got done in the end and 8 months on looks brilliant.

Well heres to more frequent blogs