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Missing Blogs

Very sorry about the lack of blogs over the past few days, been ever so busy with development and meetings, sorting the future of the sanctuary out, big big meetings so you can imagine, I am now totally drained mentally, please keep funny comments to yourselves 🙂

Things looking very good here and the guys have been working ever so hard getting it ready for Easter, most building work been completed and the revamped macaw house looks very nice and also gives them loads more to chew, their new one will be finished soon, but only when I say so, I am quite stubborn about things like that 🙂

Weathers been a little on the odd side too, one minute chilly the next, glorious sun and up to a whopping 7 degrees C, it just cannot be that long before Spring pops its head around the corner and warms up all those buds that are appearing on the many 1000s of trees we have planted.

OOOOH I nearly forgot, before a I left for my meetings in London today I had a walk around Ivanvale the nature reserve here at the centre, we always have a barn owl hunting silently as I walk around, but today there were 3 of them all within about 50 meters away from each other, then just as one of them caught something and sat eating it WHAM!!!! a Kestrel dropped in on him and stole it…wow it was amazing.Then as I got to the top corner, these chaps scooted out, couldn’t get close enough for a proper shot but think you can make them out from my phone pic.

Deer at The Parrot Zoo

Deer at The Parrot Zoo

Okay must be Wine O’clock by now, so time to absorb my meetings