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Getting Windy here at the Parrot Zoo

Thats more of a request rather than a statement, yes we could do with more wind in the future as the centre gets a little more energy efficient by way of 2 wind turbines, planning has been approved and a site set to have to wonderful windmills at the South end (least obstructed) of the centre. As we grow we need to take into consideration how much energy we could end up using and the costs implications involved, these two turbines will make a massive difference and add them to our proposed bio-mass heating system this should save around 15,000 per year so well worth it. The proposed Parrot Reception Unit will also benefit from these services so although not cheap to install, in the long run it is certainly the way forward.

The protective sheeting was taken down from the new macaw house yesterday and the parrots could take a look for the first time, not allowed inside yet but was very interested while the work was going off, this is the last stage before the connection is made and then they will see just what it is we have been hiding. Not got much done on the education suite due to weather issues but i am reassured that as soon as it turns it will be complete in no time….mmmm heard that before.

Heres a few interesting figures for you, now we are ready for the concrete pad to be laid for the CPCP project, we can put the order in for the new enclosures that will be housing the birds, heres the shopping list, maybe a few items missing as the project grows more keeps adding:

Not including bricks, blocks and perches
880 corner fittings
1400 mtrs of aluminium box section
1.2 miles of 1″ x 1″ mesh
8000 x hex head bolts
160 x 8′ x 4′ Galvanised sheets
264 x hinges
88 x swing feeders
600 mtrs of half inch irrigation pipe
3 x water pumps
6 x 1000 ltr water tanks
176 sprinklers
1600 x roof tiles
2.5 mile of 4×2 timber
100 x led lights
180 nest boxes
180 CCTV Cameras
12 x 16 way switchers
10 x Coloured monitors
6 x Hard drives
4 x security gates
704 joist hangers

Another year without an holiday after paying for that lot no doubt 🙂 but it will be well worth it. Its one of the most exciting things we have done here and will be by far the UKs largest ever genealogy, disease managed breeding program, so many vets have contacted us showing an interest in being a part of it, along with many of the major zoos, who can all see the benefits this will have on the captive parrot population in Europe.

Animal Update:
All going well with no major problems, have had a little Senegal brought in though, and it just happens to be the character of the group, the one that attacks everyone as they enter and really takes chunks out 🙂 thats why they have protective gear. He’s in the hospital and will make a visit to the doctor (vet) tomorrow, seems fine in himself eating and threatening, but Ruth is just a little concerned as he didnt attack her and just stayed on his perch, so best be safe.

A bit of a celebration, George one of our Toucans has been with us 7 years this week and she still goes from strength to strength, arriving all those years ago with a severely broken leg, no idea where from but was quite ill. Having cared for her for a good number of months she totally healed and settled in very well, hated most of the staff but got on with me okay, sadly due to their rarity the chance of finding a mate was very slim but after many years of trying one did appear and they get on superbly now although it did take a while. The toucans are wrapped up in the warm for the winter as they do not have the same capabilities as parrots for heat retention etc so they have their own indoor flights and arent allowed out unless it is very warm such as yesterday.

George the toucan a resident at the Parrot Zoo

George the toucan a resident at the Parrot Zoo