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Funny Feeling Someones talking about me!!!

Ever get that feeling someones talking about you, thats exactly what I felt when i turned around and saw these three enjoying the winter sun:

Any thoughts what these are talking about?

Any thoughts what these are talking about?

If you have any thoughts of what their comments were, just post them on the bottom.

Todays been a lovely day for all involved except poor Vin, god he must have hands that are like leather, after a long day he decided (just as it was going dark) that he would dismantle a section from our tractor in order to repair it over the weekend. You who know me, know I hate cold steel jobs, oily nuts and bolts and all that kind of stuff, well if you add that to a cold winters night….mmmm not my cup of tea, so he got me holding the torch while his hands of leather went on their duties around the dirty tractor, this meant he was laid on his back reaching underneath, all the time me thinking “just say you cant do it” then we can go for tea and get a warm.. but no! not Vin, he was determined, so determined that when he got in a tight squeeze between the wheel and the fork lift section, only to then get stuck i couldnt help laughing as he cussed repeatedly trying to get out. After about an hour of knocking and swearing POP it fell off and away he got, well done Vin and thanks.

Other things that happened today, lots really, the new walls are taking shape and we can now see where the new conservation area is going to be….woohoo, Pete got the ground ready to receive concrete in front of the new macaw building and also the bottom rails on the new Meerkat enclosure.

Animal Update:
the Leadbeater cockatoo is improving daily and now eating on his own so hopefully he will start to gain weight again and get back with his girlfriend, the little Orange Winged Amazon is still quite weak but theres time yet and he does have a little company now – which always helps – in the form of another OWA, and this one (jaffa) is very old and very timid, just brought in because he looked a little miserable out there, so in for the winter now and sharing a posh little indoor enclosure with the new friend 🙂

Everything else doing brilliant and really loving the weather, on walking around the nature reserve today and in the furthest corner, i could hear them screaming with joy, 100s of them all in winter song, had some friend over from another animal centre and a comment was made “wow do they make that much noise all the time” 🙂 no only when they are extremely happy….

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