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Fatal Words

So when the first words you hear on a morning are: ‘Looks like a nice day’, followed by ‘Job n Off’ you can almost guarantee somethings going to happen, and it did, big style.

First we found a little conure quite ill in one of the enclosures, so off to the hospital for some first aid before assessing and calling our vet, that was all done and off I went to get things ready for the concrete to arrive, less than an hour in and the radio shouted again, ‘Steve, hospital quick please’. So off i go rushing to the hospital, one of the old marmosets, Rio was lifeless laid out and looking very ill, so again quick first aid, which turned out to be very funny even in this sad situation, the little old boy was sleeping and then when we warmed him some critical care fluid up, he could smell the food so got quite excited, only to then taste the first bit which was disgusting so he tried his utmost to hide his face, (see pics), we got him a good bit in and the vet was contacted again in case he needed anything special for the little monkey.

Rio AsleepRio AwakeRio Having MedsRio hiding

Well back out again and the guys were here now too ready for getting the concrete in place, which was ordered for 10.30, it was getting darker and colder with the threat of cold and snow we started to laugh, this was exactly the same last year and it did snow. Well 12.00 arrived and down the drive he came, without a thought he just reversed straight on to the soft ground and wooosh 40 ton sunk like magic, so after major discussions we brought our little digger and tractor down – i have no idea what we thought we was going to do with them but they were there. It was decided that we may as well unload the concrete and reduce the weight of the wagon, after getting around 25 ton off it was again decided and rightly so, that our little toys weren’t going to have any effect on this monster so a telephone call was made and we waited, the big boys arrived with massive pulling power and after 3 hours of being stuck, out he came and all with no damage on either side. This did however mean that the chances of us getting all the concrete for this particular section laid today was very slim, and as it was going dark the words that all were dreading came out of Petes mouth, “well we need to get it done so we may as well mix the rest ourselves” I could hear the deep sighs go out, Friday tea time, job n off and we are going to be here till 8pm :-), so the machinery came out again and off to bring down our sand, ballast and cement. As the sunlight went down the electric lights came on, including a couple of vehicle lights and the mixers started mixing, a couple of hours later and hey presto, all complete.

Sunk WagonBig Boys Working in the Dark

No one hurt everyone happy and all done.

The little conure perked up and is doing very well with a little medication, old Rio had further tests and his heart and lung function is fine but naturally he is getting old so a little more medication and a lot more TLC, to make his time with us as comfortable as possible.