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Everyones’ Gone Nuts

As you can imagine our fruit and nut bill is a huge weekly debt so every now and then we get a call from our friendly supplier with a most amazing offer and yesterday was just that, Steve we have a quite a lot of Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts, Pecans, Cashews and also Dried fruit do you want it. Obviously i said yes and sent Liam on his way to collect it, on his return we were gobsmacked, nearly 2 ton of the stuff so much so that we have had to dedicate one room just for the consignment, what made it even funnier is while walking around getting everything ready for opening, everyone seemed to be on a health drive eating nuts and raisins along with the odd banana chip 🙂 well there’s more than enough to go around….

The new macaw house is now on its last stage of completion now the floors and entry paths are in, so Monday means the guys will be onto that and only that as we need to get it finished now before we can move on to the next projects, the weather is really good so the ground should dry up very quickly and work get back on track.

A couple of months ago i mentioned the swans arriving on the lake as a stop off point on their journey, well it looks like they like it here and have returned for a longer duration, yesterday on my walk around i was amazed to see the swans, 20 Canada Geese, 63 Mallards, 2 Tufties and 6 Moorhens, no idea how long they aare all staying but looked very busy and really nice watching them all leisurely swimming around.

All the animals and birds are doing very well and the little primates are venturing out more and more daily so that’s a good sign that the temperatures are on the up, the macaws are loving the chance to wind the builders up now the sheeting has been removed, giving them the opportunity to steal as many tools as they can. Not be long now before the tortoises will be trying out their new outdoor enclosure which is around 6 times larger than their original one and very exciting awaiting to see them.

Well for now I have to go and draw out the new CPCP on the concrete floor making sure it is feasible as these thing look easy to architects and surveyors but in reality due to the nature of what the parrots need you cannot beat doing it the old fashioned way and walk the paths before the walls are built making sure the feeding trolleys and dish holders can be pulled around comfortably and then on a technical side, make sure all the camera cables and water sprinklers can be safely placed out of harms reach.

So with handful of nuts and raisins I will bid you goodbye for now 🙂

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