Every Dog or Parrot has it’s day……

Well as the saying goes ‘Every dog has its day’ and that may just come to fruition finally. I sit here on a sunday evening producing a document for the legal people who are now willing to look at the personal smear attack on my family and me over the past 5 years under the new ‘Online Defamatory and harassment Bill’. Although the attacks have been predominantly made by only a few individuals they have tried in vane to create as much harrassment for us and our animals by instigiating as many inspections as possible, to which we passed every single one, not satisfied with that, they have then took it on themselves to enlist innocent people in a Facebook group to maintain these insults in order to cause as much suffering to my family as they can and this includes the creation of a fabricated video. Just who do these hurtful people think they are?

Well, laid out in front of me now, some 55 pages of information, copy and pasted from their group, including unbeleivable language and disgusting comments from people who have never even visited the place or met me (and i havent finished yet) by the end of this evening I will have some document ready to hand to the police.

I think they call it Karma…….