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Electric Bills Arrived

Just like everyone else, well most people anyway, we have quarterly bills come through the door to cover water, oil and Electricity to which we have a number of accounts due to the size of the place, this mornings post just like most mornings, was full of bills to be paid but one stood out from the rest, that was one of our EON bills, at first i just looked at it and thought thats a bit much for just over a months service £2400 but then i realised it was a little larger than I’d first thought, after a few more glances I nearly choked (yes I know a few would be pleased at the very thought :-))On closer investigation it was for over £24,451.19 yes thats right over 24 grand, 24k no matter how many times you look at it or say it different, its still blooming expensive, so it looks like no chocolate for me tonight…..however after a few phone calls and a few apologies I think we have it sorted, some good designing a new £150,000 Parrot Reception Centre if the electric bills are that price, we’d be skint in no time :-): Take a look

EON Electric Bill at The Parrot Zoo for over £24,000

EON Electric Bill at The Parrot Zoo for over £24,000

The guys have been busy working away and i must say it is looking wonderful out there and it wont be long before we move on to the expansion, effectively doubling the size of the centre which will be approximately half the size we will end up at, so that means we are only 25% of the way there????? Argh well thats what I enjoy doing so may as well continue now and get it finished, if youre still around that will be about 10 years from now, and we wont stick to the plan, we never do!!! we usually keep very close to the plans but do stray off a little as we continue to learn and therefore adapt what we have. Theres something to be said about being able to learn…..Im sure theres some sense in all that 🙂

Our forum is slowly starting, very slowly…we need more members on there and some chat, even I am going on tonight to try and get some banter going, scandal, knowledge, advice anything, just go on and talk please i dont want to be guilty of having the smallest forum on the internet…..

Right I have to go now as we have just taken delivery of 150 boxes of fruit and the lads have gone home so guess its down to me then….see you on the forum…pretty please